You're just a primary four dropout, Bayo Dayo slams Kashamu

You're just a primary four dropout, Bayo Dayo slams Kashamu
The former Chairman  of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Ogun State  Engineer Bayo Dayo has slammed the party's gubernatorial candidate in 2019 election, Senator Buruji Kashamu, describing him as a primary school dropout.

Speaking with journalists at his Ijebu - Igbo residence in Ijebu North LGA, Dayo said Kashamu only attended primary school which he later dropped out in primary four and ran to Lagos.

In his words "His name in the school is Mushafau Shodipe, that was the name given to him by his parents. When he ran away from school,  in primary 4 he went to Lagos and changed his name to Esoh Jinadu.

"I bought a semi detach house in Bristol England through the job I was doing. I was working there in a security firm and and before you can work in a security firm they will have check on your background. I was thoroughly checked and they found me to be reliable and honest.

"That is why they gave me a job. So it was from that job that I saved money to buy my first house in 1974. I got a mortgage of seven thousand pounds from Nation wide building society,  I only added one thousand pounds to it.  The house was bought for eight thousand pounds. And today,  it's valued at 350 thousand pounds.

"When I came back to Nigeria,  I started politics as a councilor and I am the only councilor that have ever contested without opposition. It was a zero party election and they said nobody contested against me.

"So I started politics 34 years ago. I have got into various offices and at the inception of PDP,  I am a founding member of PDP in Ogun State. I contested for the position in North local government in 1998, and I lost the election because PDP was not popular then. Ever since then,  I have been holding so many offices within the party and I have never one day look back and I have never being to another party ever since the inception of PDP.  I was made an assistant organizing secretary in 1999, because we had a minister from my local government here,  I could not be a member of the working committee I was just given an assistant,  and I started from there until I got to the position of the chairman.

"Talking of the Chairman,  Buruji Kashamu tried a lot to make me the Chairman but even when you assist somebody to become  a king,  when he becomes a king he would be careful so that he would not be the first one to be sent to jail by the king.

"Buruji kashamu because he is one of those people  that made me be the Chairman , he has been tempering with my office for a very long time,  he did not give me adequate recognition but I do not mind because I gave him a lot of respect and it has got to a stage that  I discovered that Buruji kashamu is not a politician.

"If he wants to go into politics,  he will still have to go to people like OGD, to go and learn how to become a politician because what he is doing,  he is doing it to make money .

"Buruji Kashamu is in politics to make money , it was an accident that he became a senator because I know him from youth .

"His name in the school Mushafau Shodipe, that  is the name given to him by his parents. When he ran away from School,  in primary 4 he went to Lagos , he changed his name to Eso Jinadu.

"I was  a supervisory councilor at the local government in 1988, when Buruji Kashamu bought a plot of land down the road here and he was arguing with a man who wanted to name the street with his name so they brought the problem to me at the local government level as the chairman of the committee , so he was arguing that he want s to be living in that place,  and he cannot allow that man to put his name there as the first person that got there.  I said well,  I will call a committee to look into the matter, and the two of them should come back in two weeks time .

"It was during that two weeks that Buruji Kashamu has a problem in Lagos on cocaine importation. He ran away from custody . Only to come back and call his name Prince Buruji Kashamu and not Esho Jinadu,  he was wanted as Esho Jinadu,  but I do not know this country where they are going . Because when somebody is wanted for cocaine importation,  and he is still parading himself as a VIP,  even  though he has not been exonerated  , by the Police , he still going about to tell them that he is VIP .

"He wrote a petition to the Police telling them that their is no reason why they should give me a police escort. A primary 4 holder talking to the police why they should give somebody who has being the chairman of the Party that  rule this country for sixteen years , who has been chairman for 8 years.   He is saying that I am not entitled to Police escort but a primary 4 holder is entitled to the benefit of having a police escort.

"Well,  today  I will not go very far because the atrocities of Buruji Kashamu is so much that I do not want to tell you everything today.  Because I know he is morally bankrupt. But the details of that,  I will tell you later .

"I must tell you that with the situation on ground,  you are asking about this and that,  the only thing that is causing problem between Buruji Kashamu and myself is the fact that he called me that he is going to hang PDP up and they will not be able to do anything to anybody.

"How can a Chairman listen to that kind of a thing and he would be happy.  I am not happy with him because he does not want PDP to progress and it is the ruling party I know .

" It got to a stage he was promoting Mega Party so that he can be using that against PDP.  But when Mega Party was de registered,  he quickly shift his attention back to PDP and he started causing problem.

"Whatever I tell you is the truth and nothing but the truth because I will not gain anything by lying to you .

"Buruji Kashamu is shouting that I want to kill him , many of you have been to my house on many occasions,  have you ever seen me having thugs all around me as a chairman , but at my age there's no reason for me to be harbouring thugs in my house.

"Buruji Kashamu has more than 50 bouncers,  walking around with him everyday. If Buruji Kashamu died what is going to be my gain.  This is a man who is owning 13billion in the bank,  this is a man who cannot issue a cheque of 100thousand , of he doesn't have it in the bank, the bank will not pay it.

" All the banks have been given instructions not to give him any over draft.  He has put so many people into trouble because of the loan his having.

"I read it in the newspaper he is owning 13billion , so he his looking for ways to service the loan.  We are not talking of repayment but we are talking of servicing the loan.

"That is what Buruji Kashamu is looking for. But for him to be calling me names , it's an abomination in ijebu land because I am almost 14 years ahead of him.  So for him to be talking bad of me,  when he knows that we have been very close,  it means Buruji Kashamu does not know how to maintain relationship.  And because am still maintaining relationship,  that is why have not said a lot of things . I know much about him but I am an old man,  there's a limit to what I can say.  What he was doing from his youth,  I know it,  I will not go into details now,  if he did not stop all those blackmailing that he is doing all about,  I will have no alternative than to expose him fully.

"It is true  that my son works for him,  my son did not write any applications to Buruji Kashamu to work for him . He was in need of a computer literate who was going to operate his computer for him and somebody brought my son to him not me. I did not take my son to him.  And I have never one day ask Buruji Kashamu to help me to pay the school fees of my children.

What he is telling a lot of people,  Engineer Bayo Dayo took money from the account of the Party . Buruji Kashamu does not know about the account of the Party. Only yesterday I wrote a letter to the bank telling them to sent to me our statement of account from 2014 till date. If Buruji Kashamu has any executive in Ogun State PDP,  I would not have access to it because we would have made necessary handing over note to that executive.

"I made an asterisk where we make checks to Omoilu  foundation . Buruji Kashamu should tell the whole world whatever they are selling to PDP.  Whatever omoilu foundation is selling to PDP that made him to be collecting checks for 10million, 6million.

"If you go into our account thoroughly, you will see that Buruji Kashamu collected over 50million on omoilu foundation.

"Is OmoIlu foundation own by PDP,  the answer is NO.  I have the statement of account with me,  if there's is place where I have taken any money that is not in the interest of the Party,  he should come out and show it to the world . Anytime we have money,  he his the one that is taking the money from us.

"Three signitaries are signing our account in the bank. I cannot go to the bank to take money on my own. All the allegation Buruji Kashamu is making about PDP that he gave us 5million every month . All he give to the party every month is 475 thousand naira. Out of that money,  we will use some to pay the security officers because the place has more security than the staffs that works there.  Because people are always frighten to sit in the secretariat which should not be.  That is a place that are so much deer for everybody to be happy but Buruji Kashamu ever since he joined the Party he turned it upside-down. So all the people working there are scared of whatever will happen next. So we pay the staffs and the security operatives and we will have 90 thousand naira left. I take 50 thousand and give the secretary 40 thousand.

"No election will take place in Ogun State without my authorization and the authorisation of the secretary. So there's no authorize Congress in the judgement that we are using today. It is specifically stated that when the Congresses is done,  that it will be signed by both applicants to that judgement. The first applicant and the second applicant.  I am the first applicant and semiu sodipo is the second applicant. And we must endorsed whatever Congress we have make in Ogun State.  There's no Congress in Ogun State yet. That matter is in the court,  I cannot be discussing that now.

"You were talking about my suspension,  I cannot be suspended by anybody unless it is from the national executive committee , because I am a member of the national executive committee and it is specifically stated in our constitution that no member of the national executive committee can be discipline by any organ of the Party . So am still the chairman until fresh election is done or caretaker is organized by the National executive council of the Party.

"Buruji kashamu collected money from APC leader I don't want to mention his name because his a leader of repute,  he collected 400 million,  from him . According to information we got,  I was not there and I don't want to mention the name Because he is a leader , a leader of repute and I don't want to damage his name , but he was collecting money from left right and centre.

"The day of our Presidential election,  Buruji Kashamu is the one that went to OGD to collect money for the election . Even as the chairman, I never ask him  how much he collected and he did not bother to tell me. Because if you ask him,  he would turn it into something else.

"Because of the crises,  I wrote a letter to Abuja to 2years ago,  telling them that the only solution to our problem is to unite all  the factions in the Party.

"As a chairman of the Party Buruji Kashamu cannot tell me  where to go or where not to go. That is the reason why I went to Ladi Adebutu group and we had an arrangement that we will have some leaders from Buruji kashamu group and Ladi Adebutu group to give us modalities of settling all these problems . It was after discussing with ladi Adebutu that we went to senator Buruji Kashamu to tell him that this is what the elders are planning .

" He said it is very good but you must go and conclude the Congresses from the ward to the state before you can make arrangements for any settlement , then we told him that if it's the offices we want to share,  why should one group be having all the offices to himself . Why can't we settle the differences once and for all.  He does not like that,  so I told him  that situation is not good . He told me that I told him that 24 out of 27 excos in the executive as gone to another group and something as to be done" he said.

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