LG Poll: Residents In Abeokuta South Declare Support For MKO

Residents of Kuto in Abeokuta, the Ogun state capital has declared support for Mustapha Kodaolu who's aspiring for the Chairmanship sit of Abeokuta South Local Government.

The residents made their intention known when the Chairmanship aspirant took a tour of the area on Tuesday.

The residents, most of whom were youths said their decision to support MKO was birthed out of their desire to see positive development in the local government, stressing that they could only commit the assignments in  his (MKO's) hands.

Most of them who spoke heartily insisted that whoever would take over the Chairmanship mantle from the sitting Caretaker Committee Chairman of the local government must be able to continue the developmental ideas he started. 

Of all the heads who have declared interest in the Chairmanship sit, they said, MKO is their preferred Candidate and considered capable.

The youths equally disclosed that they had embarked on findings into the antecedent of the aspirant and found out that he has no bad record.

One of them said "MKO is our man. We no him, we know his past and we are ready to support the man we know. We cannot support someone we don't know". 

He added "Let me tell you some of his achievements, he has empowered Youths and the elderly. You can go to Ijeu-Titun to confirm what I am telling you. We have tested him, therefore, we trust him".

It is therefore clear, that this is a Youths Revolution in our Local Government.

Let's do it together.

Support MKO for Abeokuta South LGA.

It's Youth O'clock 🕰️🕰️.

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