Destruction of MKO Campaign Materials


The above-name campaign organization condemns in the strongest term possible that it is a class of misdemeanor for any person to knowingly alter, deface or cover any political sign of any candidate for public office or in support of opposition, the indiscriminate activities of people that can at best be described as miscreants who embarked on destroying and stealing campaign billboards in Adatan and Ake Roundabout, belonging to the Chairmanship aspirant, Abeokuta South Local Government, Hon. Mustapha Kodaolu Olajide a.k.a MKO.

Political intolerance is primitive, barbaric, and archaic.Those that suffer from that affliction do not deserve to be called Politicians and they should do us a favour by going into other business endeavors.

The good news is that such miscreants and their paymasters in our Local Government that think as such are relatively few. They do not represent the mainstream Politicians of Abeokuta South and neither do they represent the State. They represent only themselves.

We hereby admonish anyone allowing himself to be used by desperate politicians to have a rethink and stop.

By this Acts, we can confirm they are pained to the marrow about recent Public endorsements of MKO across the 15 Wards of our dear Local Government.

We could feel their depression as their paymasters struggles to win Public sympathy.

But for us Politics is not a do or die affair, Politics is about service to the people which is what MKO represents, no wonder he is generally refer to as a bridge builder and the unifying point of Abeokuta South.

Hon. Mustapha Kodaolu Olajide is calling on all well meaning leaders and citizens who demand good governance to speak against such barbaric act and those involved should desist immediately as we won’t hesitate to use the armbit of the law on anyone caught in the act.



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