Easter : Remove Religion in Governance ,Cleric Charges Nigerian leaders

Rev. Dr Olayiwola olumide Samson of the trustee of divine universal Churches of Christ int'l  has charged Nigerian leaders to remove religion in governance and urged them to remove church and mosque in government house.

The cleric gave the charge while addressing newsmen as he celebrate his 33years on pulpit held at Itedo Ayo Oke berger idimango okeata Abeokuta.

 Rev. Olayiwola noted that nothing concerns the government about religion.

"They are promoting Christianity, Islam what about the traditional, they also pay taxes as well. The religious leaders today saw the money in Aso rock and they want to share from it.

" It is we the religious leaders that are deceiving people. Government are there to steal what concerns them with organizing Iftar during Ramadan, organizing playing of pianos.

"Jesus came for the world not for Christian alone that is why I don't support pastor that personalize Jesus as if they were the one that gave birth to him.

"He appeared in all religion,Islam, budaism,Alterism,sataism, all religion therefore Jesus is not for Christian alone his for the world.

The cleric  advise Nigerian leaders to remove religion in governance  they should remove church and mosque in government house.

"If   they can do that there won't be any problem in this country" he submitted.

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