I believe that we will fly again - Kumuyi

I believe that we will fly again - KumuyiGeneral superintendent of the Deeper Life Christian Ministry, William Kumuyi has expressed hope of Nigeria overcoming its present challenges.  Addressing journalists after a special service organised by the church on Sunday April 25, Kumuyi urged Nigerians to retrace their step instead of promoting division.  The cleric also asked the Nigerian government to make the country conducive so intellectuals won't be lost to Western countries.  He said;  “Instead of identifying ‘this person is my enemy’; ‘that person is my problem’; ‘that tribe is the problem’, if we stop all that and just look up to God and love one another, and understand that we came to this by some steps we have taken as individuals and as leaders, then, the same way, we retrace our steps. “We’ll wish for the best, so that we desire the fulfilment of the prayer we’re praying for.“God has given us a mind, a brain, and he has also given us fertile ground, and he said we should till the ground; we should cultivate; we should do things that we ought to do. Whatever we sow, is what we’ll reap.“We find that the governments of those countries, they recognise those Nigerians who are there specially. Instead of having this brain drain that goes to the west to lift those countries up, and here we are, let’s make the place conducive for them to come back. And those who are here should do their work. I believe that we will fly again.”The post I believe that we will fly again - Kumuyi appeared first on Linda Ikeji Blog.

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