Insecurity: Those Pushing For Secession Should Rethink, ACOMORAN Boss

The National President of ACOMORAN, Alh Samsudeen Apelogun has appealed to those agitating for Nigeria’s break-up to have a rethink.

Apelogun made the appeal on Monday during the Ramadan Lecture and Quranic Recitation organised by Splash FM radio in Abeokuta, the state capital.

According to him, calling from break up will further deepen ethnic and religion disputes amongst Nigerians. 

Apelogun who affirmed that the country had gotten to a level where nothing will work if Nigerians don't pray appealed to all citizens to intercede for the country.

His words "Those agitating for break up should have a rethink. Breaking up cannot help us. Let all hands be on deck, let's pray for the peace of Nigeria. 

"We believe that all our leaders have performed bellow expectation and that's why we a clamoring for change. Everybody must contribute to socioeconomic development of this nation. The religious leaders too should be in constant prayers in support of the government.

"Let Nigerians pray for the unity of Nigeria, this is what will take us to the promised Land. Some Southerners are living in the North while some northerners are living in the south so we cannot afford to separate. We should be our brothers keepers. Killings must also stop in this nation."

The Guest Lecturer, Sheikh Kamiu Sanusi who spoke on the theme of the Programme: "Religious Tolerance And Peace: A Panacea For Development argued that what the country needs at this critical time is not attack on the government but to join force in combating insecurity.

He equally appealed to the federal government to swing into action against the current security challenge before the situation becomes worsen. 

He said "In this country, what we need is peace. Without this, there will be problem in our land. Islam advocates for peace, nothing but absolute peace and that's what we are preaching today that we must tolerate one another irrespective of religious differences. Humanity comes before religion.

"On insecurity, government needs to take proper action. Look at the killings all over the place, especially in the north, people are killing here and there"

Meanwhile, the head of splash FM Mr  gboyega  olaniyi said "there is a lot of things happening in the country especially as regards diversity, minority.

"We felt that with Ramadan and all of the probity that comes  with it. It will be nice to have a conversation around how we can cohabit and coexist without necessarily having issues and which was why we came with an opinion that peace and diversity coming together with unity goes a long way believing that society that is not peaceful, society where people did not cohabit cannot progress,so that is majorly why we are telling people what to do during Ramadan or telling people the virtues of Ramadan" he affairmed.

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