It's Youth O'clock: MKO For Chairman Abeokuta South LG

MKO's candidacy in the coming Abeokuta LGA Chairmanship election will represent an ideal scenario for the Development, Progress and Stability of our dear Local Government.

He is Young and Vibrant with a Lot of appeals to our Youth's who looks up to him as a Golden light of succor. You can hardly go through the 15 Wards and not hear MKO ringing in the mouth of every Young persons.

He has experience, having served as a counselor during the last administration it definitely means he knows what it means to run for an elective position and come out victorious. This is crucial.

 He respects and listens to our elders. No wonder, he has a lot of Men and women who wholeheartedly supports his ambition and frequently gives their blessings both publicly and in private. He revered our elders as epitome of Counsels and wisdom. 

 He is a loyal party man and not one who will turn our party into a personal affair. As a progressives, he holds our party and its leaders in high esteem.

He has a Campaign Blue Print that is not built on lies and propaganda. His campaign is issue Based. No wonder his well detailed " MKO DEVELOPMENT AGENDA" that was prepared after due research, and inputs from citizens and technocrats.

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