2021 World Hypertention Day: Ogun Government Urges Residents To Check Blood pressure

2021 World Hypertention Day: Ogun Government Urges Residents To Check Blood pressure


Ogun Government has urged its residents to go for adequate check up for blood pressure in their nearest health Facilities.

The Commissioner for Health, Dr Tomi Coker, made this known in Abeokuta on Monday saying that Less than 40% of adults with hypertension in the society were aware off their status.

She explained further that hypertension which is otherwise known as high blood pressure is a silent killer and major public health problem.

High blood pressure should not be ignored so as to avoid complications such as heart attack, stroke, kidney failure, heart failure and problems with the sight.

According to her, most people develop high blood pressure as a result of their diet, lifestyle or medical condition.

"Many risk of hypertension includes family history, obesity, inactivity, excess salt intake and stress.

'Many would need to take medication to help keep their blood pressure at healthy level. It is therefore, important to have a healthy Professional to measure your blood pressure and assess you for associated conditions.

"Ogun, being one of the two States supported by Federal Ministry of Health (FMOH) and World Health Organisation (WHO) is presently carrying out routine screening for elevated blood pressure and immediate enrollment for the management of same in 12 primary health care facilities with highly subsidized drugs to make treatment affordable. 

"This intervention shall be scaled up to at least 100 primary health care facilities accross 20 local government areas and all secondary health facilities in the State by the beginning of June"  she said.


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