We did not hold any kangaroo Primary Election - APC Chieftain

We did not hold any kangaroo Primary Election - APC Chieftain

A chieftain of  All Progressives Congress, APC, Ogun State,  Alhaji,  Prince A.S Ogunwoolu, who is also the first  Councillor of ward 8 has refuted claims by a councilorship aspirant, Mutiu Omidiji that  kangaroo primary election was held at ward 8, Abeokuta South Local Government in order to favour our preferred candidate.

Ogunwoolu also debunked the rumour that the commisioner for local government and cheiftaincy affairs, Hon. Afolabi Afuape imposed a candidate on anyone, saying that the commissioner was never at the ward during the election.

Recall that the aggrieved councilorship aspirant spoke with Newsangle online correspondent yesterday to express his grievances over the primary election which didn't favour him.

While speaking with Osoba Olajide, he accused hon. Afolabi Afuape of imposing candidate on the leaders and him. He also said that the candidate picked as the flag bearer was a yahoo boy and cult member

Meanwhile,  Ogunwoolu described the report as untrue and an attempt  to blackmail leaders of the party and the aspirant.

He  said, ''What you are told was not what happened in this ward, this ward have 8 zones, among the 8zones, only the Okejigbo have been deprived that councillorship for a long time since 1991. It is the concensus of all members of the party that we should consider Oke Ejigbo this time around and we invited all the aspirants including omidiji and the others. They were all invited and we screened each and everyone of them. At the screening, everybody knows how the screening went, they didn't do the screening outside any aspirants. Everybody where there present.

"We made sure that we have records of what transpired during all the meetings, and before any meetings, we will have the signatures of all the aspirants .

"He himself was at the decision making, we told him that he is from shodipe zone and shodipe has  produced more than 2 Councillors since 1991, 

"We decided to do an election between shodipe and Oke-Ejigbo, at Oke Ejigbo, majority of the people there supported the consideration form while he was asked to wait for his turn.

"In the political setting, the fact that you do not win today, does not mean that you will not be allowed to have something next in future, but for anybody to now go out and be blackmailing all leaders that means that person needs to be cautioned. .

"Nobody is trying to impose anyone, all we did were written, we wrote down everything, we asked each of them what they want, they said whatever we do there is the final.

"It's not right of him to go and be blackmailing leaders of the party. He concluded

While speaking on the allegation that Solution is a yahoo boy and cult member, he challenged Omidiji to  produce the evidence to support that. 

 Ask him if he has ever seen him in the act? If you have seen him in the act produce evidence, has he been caught by EFCc  that he's a yahoo boy.

"What really happened is that they don't want to work they want to be going  about going to leaders to seek for money and  if you see somebody that is doing all sort of businesses that you did not want to do, the next thing is to start blackmailing that person .

"For your information, the primary election went free, fair and was conducted in a very good atmosphere , we have record of everything we did there , the election went under a very good atmosphere even each and everyone of them that participated in that election saw it and many of them decided to be grateful to leaders. he concluded

Meanwhile, Kolawole rasheed , popularly known as Rento,  called on the public to disregard the report made by the aggrieved councilorship aspirant, Mutiu Omidiji that a candidate was imposed on him by Hon. Afolabi Afuape.

He confirmed that leaders in ward 8 concluded to consider the councilorship position to Oke- Ejigbo in which Solution hailed from.

Meanwhile, the councilorship aspirant, Seyi Sodiya denied the claim by Omidiji that he is a yahoo boy and cult member.

He said he is a granite supplier and his office is located at Oke-Saje.

" I'm not yahoo boy or cultist. I'm a granite supplier and my office is at oke-saje . I belong to one of the unit there, decency unit, if anybody wants to confirm, they can go there to confirm.

This is just to  blackmail me, I expect us to work together  since he has been screened out of the race.

''If I eventually emerge, I have a lot of plans especially provision of water for the people in my ward because that's what they lack. That's the first thing I have in mind now as time goes on we will know other things that our people need.

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