What Every Young Nigerian Woman Needs To Know And Do About Their Security Now

What Every Young Nigerian Woman Needs To Know And Do About Their Security NowThe world isn't a safe place anymore and Nigeria isn't left out in all this madness. The united nation women estimates that 736 million women, that is 1 out of 3, are subject to violence at least once in their life. Even though men are victims of assault too, most of this madness are felt by women. During the lockdown of 2020, the Nigerian police force arrested over 799 Suspects involved in women assault related cases. And that's just between January and May 2020 alone! Also, the world was shocked when a 22 year old Nigerian girl pursuing a degree in microbiology was found dead in a pool of her own blood. She was beaten and raped violently. After three days of struggle, she died! What's shocking is….. It happened right in a church! All these happenings make me stop to think: What happens to the young woman coming home from work? or the secondary school girl returning from school? Or the students coming back home from a late night class? Or the early riser taking a early morning jog? Or even still the innocent wife left at home? Now aside from learning karate or taekwondo (which will obviously take a lot of years to master) . Here's what I find out you could do now to stop the predator. You should get a pepper spray! Yes, get a pepper spray! What in the heavens is a pepper spray? A pepper spray is a mixture that contains chemicals which when sprayed will leave your attacker temporarily blind. And shanoma pepper spray is the perfect answer! With its quick release key for quick accessibility it will stop any psychopath literally dead! What's amazing about shanoma is you can use it on the road,bus park, church, subway and even at home. Why should you own a shanoma pepper spray? It's so easy to use (heck even my three-year-old daughter can use it).It's portable and nearly as light as Air.You can easily refill itIt comes in different colour made specifically for you.It keeps the intruder blind for 10 mins.Ultimately, it will save your life When you own a shanoma ……. You are In control! Shanoma sells for 7500 naira but you can have it for my giveaway price for just 5000 naira here. That's 35% off saving you about 2500 naira. All because I love women! Get yours here (link). The price goes back to 7500 Naira in the next 24 hours. Get yours NOW  Contact us on WhatsApp (09026177000) or click this link here to Order  For the love of your mother, sister, aunty, wife and even yourself…… Take your life in your own hands.(link) Remember, to love yourself is to stay alive. Take control over your life right now by owning your shanoma pepper spray today. To Order, contact us on WhatsApp (09026177000) or click this link here for more detailsThe post What Every Young Nigerian Woman Needs To Know And Do About Their Security Now appeared first on Linda Ikeji Blog.

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