Folake Marcus Bello Charges Nigerian Youths To Embrace Politics

Folake Marcus Bello Charges Nigerian Youths To Embrace Politics

Nigeria’s population is fast-growing. It is expected to be the world’s third most populous country by 2050 with 400 million inhabitants, the United Nations says. 

With nearly 70% of Nigeria’s population below the age of 35, it is therefore crucial that young people are represented in the country’s political systems. 

There have been welcome steps on this front. In May 2018, Nigeria passed a new law which lowered the age limits for political office from 35 to 30 years in the Senate, and 30 to 25 years in the House of Representatives and State House of Assembly.

Known as the “Not Too Young to Run” bill, the move was intended to reflect the changing demographics of Africa’s most populous nation and help usher in younger leaders. 

This was a remarkable achievement for young people in the country, as it means that they had opportunities for representation which were not previously possible.  

While this is a great step towards youth inclusion in politics, it is clear that more still need to be done to put young people at the very heart of politics, governance and decision-making process in Nigeria.  

A former Nigeria's Ambassador to Zambia and Malawi Folake Marcus Bello has drum Support for the young Nigerian who are willing to participate in politics.

Folake bello said" as long as the young people are successful in what they do , they can run this country"

The former Ambassador disclosed this live on OGTV discussing a topic Nigerian Democratic experience, how far? How well?

She explained further that people in diaspora complained about the country but yet they have not done  anything or participate in electoral process.

 "The  problem start from the grassroot, people need to be determined and canvass to register and vote during election period.

"It is going to be extremely difficult for young people to emerge . They need to look for good politician to learn from.

"I know some young people whose parent have left their business for them to run, and they are running it better than their parents.

"Nigeria is a business, our young people should wise up and seek in political knowledge"

The Former Ambassador appealed to all young Nigerians to be confident enough and step forward to participate in politics as they have viable solution to the nation's present predicaments.

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