Ogun Proprietor Advocates Effective Islamic Learning In Nigerian Schools

Ogun Proprietor Advocates Effective Islamic Learning In Nigerian Schools

Amidst rising insecurity in the nation, a school proprietor in Ogun state, Mr Is-Haaq Femi Lawal  has appealed to the Federal government to invest heavily in religious education.

Is-Haaq who is the proprietor of Greenbridge Integrated School,  in Abeokuta, the Ogun State capital disclosed this in an interview with Journalist.

Greenbridge Integrated School, situated in Ori-omi, Sokori, Abeokuta is one of the leading Islamic schools in the state that focuses not only on western-formal education but also on Islamic education, vocational skills acquisition, physical fitness through sport and mental alertness through UCMAS.

The school equally focuses on instilling  the fear of God in the Nigerian child to lead them in the path of God. 

According to him, religious education would help imbibe morals in every Nigerian from childhood to adulthood.

The proprietor who lamented decadence of morals amongst Nigerians argued that investment in religious education is the antidote to the crisis rocking the nation.

For instance, he said,  the establishment of Greenbridge Integrated school was birthed out of  zest to contribute to the growth and development of the nation by ensuring that sanity thrive in the nation.

Is-Haaq argued that a nation devoid of God’s presence is a nation at the mercy of anarchy, adding that if Allah reigns in the consciousness of every Nigerian through Islamic education, the narrative of banditry and insurgency would be a history in the country.

His words “I am calling on the Federal government to invest in religious education, this will bring a permanent end to the crisis we are facing in Nigeria.

“Why a man will think of killing another person is because he lacks the fear of God. But if the Islamic education is promoted in our schools, students will  learn to leave with the fear of God and our dear country will be a place devoid of anarchy.

He however called on parents to enroll their children or wards in Greenbridge Integrated School, a citadel where they will have the opportunity to memorise some portions of the Quran, develop their public speaking skill through regular presentation by the scholars of Greenbridge and also enhance their vocational skills.

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