Why the IPL is so Popular in India

The Indian Premier League has a fascinating and long history, even before it was established as a worldwide sporting event.

Its roots came from 1983, when India won her first Cricket World Cup trophy. Since then, the whole country has dived more into this game, learning the rules and creating strategies to transform it into an engaging global tournament.

The IPL has become a favourite for millions around the world. The enormous volume of the fanbase of each franchise team confirms massive followers with their presence in the stadiums and online.

From when the IPL was introduced in 2007, it immediately enticed Indians’ hearts. No matter the age of the follower — from a kid to an adult — the T20 cricket format of the game was loved by Indians all over.

Moreover, their passion for playing cricket has led to an opportunity to make a cricket bet and find this way quite exciting and profitable. The simplicity of the game allows everyone to enjoy the game differently.

Four Reasons Why IPL is Popular in India

Just like finding that new thing that gets you stuck and keep coming back for more, so was the IPL for Indians. The game is adored for its simplicity. To play it, you’ll need only a bat and a ball, and of course, a field to hold the game.

During the IPL history, Indians have tried many options to improve the gameplay as well as the way fans can enjoy it being anywhere and at any time. Thus, there are much more reasons to consider IPL so popular and demanded among Indians. They are the following:

1.Available profitable income

During 50-60 days of the IPL tournament, the cricket players earn a ton of money, at a rate increasing more than most other sports events.

IPL is hosted in India, so the matches are not left without streaming functions across the country. The teams contain from star players to Bollywood celebrities who invest well in IPL prosperity. This cricket league is regarded as the most-watched tournament globally and the one having more players and money spent.

2.No requirements for players and spectators

No matter what team or particular player is your favourite. People can easily enjoy the IPL tournament by backing a team or a player. There are no strict rules to follow. So feel free to get excited!

3.Incredible participation of big names and youngsters

IPL seems to be the unique sports game in the sports industry that allows various skilled players to compete in such a serious tournament.

It is fantastic to watch how cricket stars and under-19 cricket players are making efforts together to win. First-timers are trying to make a mark in IPL history and enter the national team of respective countries while experienced players continue to strengthen their forces.

4.IPL is like an engaging movie

Compared to Test Cricket and ODIs, the Indian Premier League’s match is conducted with a short-term game of three hours.

Accordingly, every Indian is expecting real emotions and exciting actions from players during this time. It makes them even more entertained at the end of the working day. It is equal to watching an Indian movie on the weekend.

These and more facts affirm the popularity of IPL in India and overseas as well. Every detail concerning the game rules, players’ style, team squad and others entice the spectators from any side of the planet.

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