Councillorship Candidate Commends APC leaders for giving Youths Chance to Participate In Politics

A Councillorship Candidate in Ward 9 Abeokuta North Local Government, Hon. Moruf Olatunde Salaudeen has given kudos to the APC leaders of the local government for giving the youths the chance to participate in politics

Hon. Salaudeen disclosed this during the campaign rally at ward 9 Abeokuta North Local Government on Tuesday.

The Councillorship Candidate also expressed is readiness to serve the people of his ward if he eventually emerge.

His words "I'm very happy to be the Councillorship Candidate of ward 9 Abeokuta North Local Government.

"We were 16 in number that contested for the Councillorship position and we all know that the seat is for only one person.

"I appreciate my co-aspirants that we contested together, after being choosen as the Councillorship Flag bearer of the ward, they stood by me both morally and financially.

"I appreciate the Party Chairman, Party leaders, ward leaders for giving the youths the opportunity to participate in politics. Most of the Councillorship Candidates in Abeokuta North consist of vibrant youths  representing each ward.

"I also appreciate Hon. Adekunle Adesina, Hon. Adegbenga Adio Adesina (Bibire) the SA to the Governor on internal revenue service, my political mentor Alhaji Akeem Shobayo and Hon. Akeem Oluseye. 

While also urging other aspirants to stand by him on the day of the election, Hon. Salaudeen said,  "I'm pretty sure that my ward will deliver for the incoming Chairman, Hon. Abd Salam Ayorinde".

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