Pinnick responds as man attacks Super Falcons for representing a ‘terrorist orgnization’

The Nigerian Women’s national team are currently camped in Austria, but they faced an embarrassing situation on their way to training on Tuesday

An unidentified man attacked the Super Falcons on their way to training on Tuesday, but the Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) president Amaju Pinnick has vowed to find the man.

The Super Falcons are currently on an eight-day training camp in Austria ahead of the Aisha Buhari invitational Tourney, scheduled for September in Lagos.

The team took the train on their way to training on Tuesday instead of a personal coach. However, they faced a humiliating situation inside the train as an unidentified man verbally attacked them for representing a terrorist organisation.

He accused the players of representing a country with no regard for human lives, saying the girls should be ashamed of themselves.

“I want to speak to you people, please,” the man said.  I am also a Nigerian and live in Vienna. I have lived here for so many years.

You Nigerian youths should be very ashamed of yourselves. Every one of you here. This can’t happen in another country where youths are representing a government. There are over 10 million youths, and you people should know you are representing a terrorist organisation, killing youths.

“I am calling on you idiots to go back home.”

The man also added he couldn’t be arrested as he did not physically assault any of the players. While that was true, it was an embarrassing situation for the girls.

However, Pinnick has condemned the attack, saying the man would be fished out. The NFF president added that the players should not be subjected to that kind of treatment for representing their country.

“We are infuriated because these are young ladies who are our ambassadors and are there in Austria preparing for major international competitions,” Pinnick said.

“That was a dastardly act by that fellow, and we are not taking it lightly. The girls simply wanted to go on sightseeing, and there is nothing wrong with that. They do not deserve to be subjected to such diatribe by a so-called fellow Nigerian.

“We will unmask the fellow and then take it from there,” Pinnick added.


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