Gov. Yahaya Bello Fits the Description Of President Made By General Babangida- ACT

The Director General Afenifere for collective transformation ACT Prince Tolu Ajayi in a statement said the Governor of Kogi State Yahaya Bello fit the description of President made  by the former head of state General Ibrahim Babangida.

The statement reads : "The former military dictator, popularly known as the maradona born on August 15, 1941. Who became head of state in 1985 at exact 44 years has described the great qualities Nigerians should look for in whoever should become our President come 2023. The only North Central Head of State was perfect with the descriptions used to qualify the coming President except that of age which is not acceptable to this generation considering the current global trend of young generation taking over in leadership. This is an opportunity Nigerians and Nigeria at large must not miss as so align with the current global standard.

"We could recall the message of Ooni of Ife, Gov. Nasir El-Rufai, Gov. Kayode  Fayemi and many other leaders who made it known that Nigeria needs a man in his years of pro-activeness to take Nigeria out of insecurity, unemployment, uncontrolled skyrocketing inflation and religious, ethnic and tribal division. Above all, a man who belongs to the well informed and active generation.

"According to the military dictator IBB, he pointed out that at this point, Nigeria is in dare need of a leader who connects with the people, tries to talk with them and not the one who “talks on top of the people.”

"Governor Yahaya Bello is the most connected Governor to the Northern and Southern Nigerian. He's not just connected to people in Government but to all Nigerians in all industry especially sports, entertainment, education, military, business, artisans,  religious leaders and most especially Women Youth and people with disabilities. This is the only man well positioned with vibrancy, vision and political will to break all odds in given Nigeria the desired leadership.

"IBB stated that visualising a good Nigerian leader, a person, who travels across the country and has friends virtually everywhere he travels to and he knows at least one person that he can communicate with,” he said. “That is a person, who is very verse in economics and is also a good politician, who should be able to talk to Nigerians and so on.

"Governor Yahaya Bello has all the qualities stated above by the former President and he can turn Nigeria around for the best. He has displayed this quality in the past and doing same presently by fishing out ghost workers in the state, won international recognition as the most prudent governor in Nigeria, increase the state's internally generated revenue geometrically in the last six years, stabilise the economic standard of Kogi state despite the insecurity challenges facing the entire North Central among others.

"If we are to consider those men in 60's, we will realise that Nigeria will ride on the same template we sincerely complain about because these men are weak, unrepentantly bias, hold grudges against race who do not support them, use all forms of tactics to divide the people so as to sustain control. These men in their 60s are the root cause of our problems and they benefit so much from the problem created. It would be another slavery journey if we allow these men take hold of power for the next eight years. This Nigeria must note as we go into 2023 presidential election.

"Most of the men in the late sixties are not sincere with age and their generation is the major cause of mass unemployment in Nigeria. They reduce their ages so as to retain office which keeps the younger generation off their rightful place. A generation that deliberately wish to subdued and render generations behind them useless and inactive. A generation that doesn't care what happened to others.

"A major quality that is most needed in a Nigerian President come 2023 that was not mentioned by the former head of state is the capacity to secure the state from terrorists, bandits, kidnappers and all kinds of crime, economic downturn, unemployment and many negative indicators tagged around our dear country.

"We believe God has spoken through our elders but they have used self wisdom to play the message in the favor of the older generation which has always been their self interest. 

"It is time we allow the youths take leadership of this country now that our leaders are still breathing. The former head of state should be Happy to mentor the younger generation while he's still alive and not when he's no more.

"Do we say that the former military head of state performed less in 1985 when he became head of state  at 44 years of age?

"Governor Yahaya Bello will be 48 as at the predicted time and he will be the best man to set this generation free from all the challenges facing our nation".

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