RTG Sports Themed Slot Games to Check Out in 2021

RTG stands for RealTime Gaming. RTG is one of the main online software providers of gaming. They have been working for the American market for years.

Thus, a significant number of its customers are Americans. The United States is a sports-friendly nation, and RTG takes advantage of this scenario by providing slot games that are based on American sports and games.

RTG Games

Choose an online casino based on the better reviews and dive into the world of sports-themed games. While many individuals choose a slot based on the theme, special features, or promotional offers, wise gamblers choose slots with the best RTP.

Any popular casino provider edge on online slot machines can vary greatly, and the lower the house edge, the better your odds of winning.

There are a lot of Canadian online casino sites that provide huge welcoming bonuses, free spins that you can avail of.

Of course, you should keep in mind that only the finest RTG slot sites for winning offer games with huge payouts from which you may benefit. A game’s return to player % is calculated over thousands of rounds, and the higher the RTP, the better the deal for the player.

American Football

American football is quite different from the version of soccer. RTG offers two different online slot games under this theme. The previous one of the sports-themed games is the Field of Green.

The reels have been positioned with a background of a soccer field. The symbols available on the reels of the machine are football, trophy, player, helmet, cheerleader, and whistle.

The high-value symbols of cards have been designed like the number on the back of a player’s jersey. Whenever the combination of the bonus gets triggered, the player wins a kick. If the kick transforms into a goal, the player wins free spins or credit as a bonus.

Fruit Ball XXV

The game Fruit Ball XXV got released in early 2010 and it ended with Super Ball XXV in 2011. This game shall be in high demand in the upcoming years. Baseball is another main sport of America.

RTG has two individual slot game types for the baseball theme. One of them has the title Golden Gloves. There is the batter which is the wild symbol, along with two times payouts.

Besides RTG games and RTG slots, there are other kinds of games as well, such as roulette, blackjack, etc which are also available in the RTG casinos.

Ice Hockey

Ice hockey is another popular game among Americans. It is more popular among Canadians than in any other part of the world. The RTG game of slot machines based on ice hockey is Hockey Hero.

The symbols of the slots in this game are entirely based on ice hockey. They include penalty box, goalie, players, trophy, clock, referee, tickets, skates, masks, chips, beer, and tickets.

There are two exciting characteristic features of the round of free spins. Also, for more information, Canadian online casino sites give a better review of the game.

Centre Court Tennis

One of the best tennis-themed game slots ever offered in an online casino is Centre Court. The all-time classic gamble was created by Microgaming in 2009 and features a highly unique cell-shaded clean design style.

They provide 9 pay lines on 5 x 3 reels, 1 – 10 bets per line (minimum to maximum), Volatility and variation are moderate. The minimum and highest stakes are £0.01 and £1, respectively, with an RTP of 51%. The maximum possible win multiplier is 800 times the total stake.

Super Sumo Wrestling

If you are not that familiar with Sumo wrestling, the unique Japanese sport, or even interested in it, Super Sumo might just change your mind about it! Despite the cartoony theme, the animation and graphics in this game are incredible.

In addition to the ordinary sumo wrestlers, there is a gorgeous Golden Sumo (wild) and a Super Sumo Symbol to hunt for if you want to win the most money in this slot.

Here’s a review on everything you need to know about Super Sumo: 25 pay lines on 5 x 3 reels. Volatility and variation are moderate. £0.25 – £25 is the minimum and maximum sum per bet. The maximum number of coins is 25, and the RTP is 18%. 500x the total bet is the maximum possible win multiplier.

RTG is a popular game provider based on the American industry. It is unknown to many, but RTG offers a medal tally, which is done based on the Derby Dollars, Roulette, and Olympics horse racing events.

You can play all these games at any RTG casino for online gaming. Some of the recommended casinos are Club World, Cherry Red, Aladdin’s Gold, and Rushmore Casino. You can visit these casinos as they use RTG slots and work with popular casino providers.

As long as sports, bets, and large wins are on your mind, none of the slots on this list will disappoint you, but take advantage of the online casino bonuses to try them all out.

As previously stated, investigate the legitimacy of the online casinos you intend to play at before joining up. There’s a good chance you’ll like more than one, which will keep those long spinning sessions diverse, fresh, and intriguing.

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