ACF National President Slams FG Over the Killings Of Christians In Jos, Kaduna

The National President of Anglican Christian Fellowship of Nigeria (ACF) Evangelist Babatunde Titus Ogunjirin has accused the Federal Government of being responsible for the Killings of Christians in Jos and some parts of Kaduna.

 Babatunde disclosed this during the ACF 8th annual bible convention held in Abeokuta Grammar School Idi-aba Abeokuta, Ogun State Capital.

He explained  that the killing is part of the agenda of a group of people to wipe out Christians in the Northern part of the country.

The National President stressed that the government  should bring all the perpetuators to judgement and protect the  life of the citizens.

Presentation of Award to Rev. Peter Jasper Akinola (rtd) CON

 He said "One cannot say that the government doesn't know about what is happening because it's looks like it's an agenda of some  people in government , so when it's their agenda what are they going to do?

"Under normal circumstances we expect the government to protect every citizens not minding your religion and your tribe but unfortunately Nigeria government is not doing that"

        Cutting the conventional cake 

He therefore urged the federal government to look for a way forward in putting an end to the crisis and protect the lives of the citizens.

In his remarks,  Rt. Reverend Emmanuel Oludaisi Adekunle, Bishop of the Egba West Anglican Communion, urged Christians live a holy life and  look up  to Jesus for endurance.

          Cross section of AFC members

He said"The grace to run the race to the end is to hold on to Jesus Christ who is the author and finisher of our faith" he submitted.

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