R. Kelly net worth shocks many

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R. Kelly net worth shocks many

R.Kelly net worth has shocked many, after a fresh report by Celebrity Net Worth, revealed that the embattled singer is on minus figures in terms of worth.

This is said to be due to his numerous legal problems.

Celebrity Net Worth estimates that the embattled singer’s net worth is negative $2 million with his ongoing legal problems.

The singer of “I Believe I Can Fly” is currently defending one of several criminal cases in which he and his team are accused of sex trafficking and sexual abuse. In his criminal trial in Brooklyn, he is currently awaiting a decision. Celebrity Net Worth calculated Kelly’s net worth based on her own court appearances, according to TMZ.

The singer admitted to owing the IRS nearly $2 million to a judge. He was requesting supervised release from an Illinois prison at the time, citing his IRS debt as a reason he wouldn’t be a flight risk. His request was denied by a judge.

The media outlet contacted Kelly’s legal team to inquire about whether they are working on his case pro bono or if Kelly is paying for their services. According to TMZ, his legаl teаm hаs yet to respond.

The revelation led to the 54-year-old singer getting mocked for his financial issues, with many Twitter users pointing out that they are richer than the singer since his net worth is -$2 million.

R. Kelly net worth shocks many
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