Improve the Standard Of Media Practice, Adejumo Urges Young Journalists

An award-winning Investigative Journalist, Kabir Adejumo urged the Young Media Practitioners Of Nigeria (YOMPON) to improve on the standard of media practice.

Adejumo disclosed this at a day workshop organised by  (YOMPON) Ogun State Chapter, on Thursday, at NUJ secretariat, Abeokuta Ogun State capital.

He advised young journalists not to limit themselves to a particular beat, but endeavour to be reporting every beats as it may be necessary.

He said in order to improve the standard of media practice, journalists should look beyond instant financial gains, imbibe a spirit of hard work as well as focus more on investigative journalism.

Adejumo, while speaking on the theme: “21st Century Journalism: How to Survive without Envelope”, he submitted that young journalists can calve niche for themselves more in investigative journalism, saying there are organizations both local and foreign who are ready to support.

“Brown envelope journalism is a journalistic activity which involves the transfer of various types of rewards from sources to a reporter.

“This is because journalists are poorly remunerated in Nigeria. That is why I don’t abuse policemen for collecting bribes if you don’t pay reporters’ salaries, because they’re underpaid.

“Brown envelope journalism is not something journalists can tackle alone, until the newspaper publishers and editors apply the economic model in running a newspaper.

“The problem we have as journalists is that we place premium value on material and societal value.


“Newsrooms must learn how to pay their reporters well. Any publisher without paying is doing more harm than good to the profession. I will just advise journalists to be passionate and morally upright, do journalism beyond press releases. Don’t limit yourself to specialized reporting.”


While speaking on the reason behind the workshop, the National President of YOMPON, Michael-Azeez Ogunsiji, said it was to increase the capacity of their members as well as explore ways they can survive without compromising their moral standards.


Ogunsiji maintained that, the workshop is part of activities to improve the knowledge base of his members in conformity with international best practices.


He added that the workshop would further improve journalists horizons on fact-checking initiatives and to downplay fake news in the society.

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