Workers in the Ogun State Civil/Public Service have again been admonished to remain focused,  committed, dedicated to duty and display a high sense of responsibility in all their undertakings in order to keep moving the state forward.

The Head of Service, Alhaja Selimot Ottun gave the admonition while featuring on a television programme on "the duties and responsibilities of the workers in governance", in Abeokuta.

According to her, Civil Servants as law abiding people must remain compliant with the rules and regulations guiding the Civil Service, as well as carry out their duties with utmost diligence, as this has been the virtue that has made the workers stand out among others, and advised them not to work at parallel lines with their superior officers.

"As civil servants, we must remain law abiding, compliant and discharge our duties diligently with all sense of commitment. We must not work against our bosses but always work in tandem with them, as well as put in our very best in whatever we do for the benefit of all," Alhaja Ottun said.

She reminded the workers to keep complying with the resumption/punctuality rule, respect for constituted authority rule, no stealing rule, no drinking of alcohol during working hours rule, no selling rule, no fighting rule, no use of vulgar language rule, decency in dressing rule, among other rules guiding them for proper conduct while discharging their duties.

Meanwhile, workers of the Ogun State Television (OGTV) have been called upon to remain proactive, courageous, dedicated, diligent and prove to the world that they are capable of being saddled with daunting responsibilities.

The Head of Service, Alhaja Selimot Ottun made the call during a surprise farewell service in her honour put together by the management team of the OGTV at the broadcasting station in Abeokuta.

According to her, the members of staff must show that they are in charge and be on top of every situation, while the black sheep trying to dent the image of the station must be identified and removed as soon as possible to avert future troubles for the station.

She assured that the government has a lot in stock for the station but the onus lies on them to remain committed and not disappoint the government.

Earlier in a welcome address, the Acting General Manager of the station, Mr. Tunde Kassim appreciated the Head of Service for her motherly role always, especially during the dark moments of the station and prayed God to grant her long life and good health after retirement.

Highlight of the event was the presentation of gifts to the Head of Service by the OGTV Joint Action Committee and the management team.

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