2023: PDP will win in Ogun - Bayelsa Governor Aide

A chieftain of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Ogun State and the Special Adviser (Media) to the Bayelsa State Governor, Dr Kola Oredipe, has said that the party, has what it takes to win the 2023 Election in the state.

Dr. Oredipe disclosed this while interacting with journalists in Abeokuta, stating that Nigerians have lost confidence in rhe ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) right from the centre to the local government level.

He said:”The APC has not justified the confidence that Nigerians gave to them. When they came on board in 2015, their campaign mantra was that they want to fight terrorism, the Boko Haram, to fight corruption, and want to revive our economy but where are we today?

“The economy is in comatose. So Nigerians are waiting for the party to rescue them. The only alternative that we have now is the PDP. And like you know that from the centre, all the bad policies trickle down to the state. What have we got?

“I have read so many commentaries about what is happening in Ogun State There are internal wranglings in the other party.

“There are different factions Everybody knows that there are Internal crisis in the party.

“But for us in the PDP, everybody knows that we are more organised and more united having a common front to win back Ogun State.

Left for the internal wrangling that befell the party in 2019, with the implosion that the APC had in 2019,that was the best opportunity for the PDP to win back Ogun State.

“But it happened the way it went,some of them went to the APM, even though they were in the APC doing APM. When the APM managed to win the House of Reps and House of Assembly in Yewa side. You can just imagine how factionalised it was.

“The problem still remain with the party. But for us, we are projecting a common front going into 2023 election .It is looking very good and very positive, I can tell you.”

Oredipe, who is an indigenes of Iperu, in Ikenne Local Government area of the state, said he do not see the incumbent governor, Prince Dapo Abiodun, winning the 2023 Election in the state.

“Look at the indices of governance we have in Ogun State. I don’t see APC winning another election in Ogun State. Come 2023, it is for PPD to take back Ogun State and I am sure, we will be able to put our house in order to have credible candidate that will square well with whoever they are bringing from the opposition or from the ruling party. 

But we know that we already have what it takes to win.

“We have already told Nigerians that this party can be trusted. We have told Nigerians that we have mature people unlike in the other political party that could not organise National Convention for six years, We are waiting for them to hold the next one. We already know that from state to state, they have crisis.

“We know mistakes had being made in the past in the PDP. But people have realised that we need to come back together very strong because we have what it takes, Oredipe stated.

He said the current administration in the state, has not done much as there are many bad roads everywhere in several parts of Ogun State

“Very sincerely, I know when the time comes, when the whistle is blown, when the time is ripe, we begin to see the policy direction. We have seen the best that APC can offer.and it is not enough for us. We will wait and very soon when the whistle is blown, you begin to see PDP in its element.

“The greatest thing that you can see now is that the PDP is very united. We are now for the common front we have seen the reason for us to work together.”

Oredipe, who has yet to decide on his ambition in the next election, said his concentration now is to mobilise and galvanise support for the PDP.

Towards this end, Oredipe said he has donated equipment to aid the PDP to E Registration.this year because more people will register with the party this year.

“We have provided that succour. With the support of the leadership of the party in my own ward, Ikenne Local Govt and incidentally, I am from the same ward with Chief Adebutu and together we will ensure that we have a strong party.”

Also, the incumbent governor is from my town and not just local government. He is from Iperu. He belongs to the APC while I belong to the PDP , so we have different ideologies.

“We have different programmes. This is politics, democracy is a game of interest. All I can say is that I wish him well in his second term bid for reelection, but I know that may be he has done his best. I will stand by my party, whoever that emerges as candidate of the PDP ,for 2023 Election, is the person I am going to support.

“We are not likely to play ethnic politics. I won’t say because he is my brother and betray the loyalty to my own party I wont do that We shall support the candidate of the PDP truth for truth and we will mobilise support even in Iperu You know we have PDP members, who are also from Iperu. So it is going to be a worthy and good election. So we will be waiting for that time to come and I will support my party. “

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