PDP Charges INEC to maintain good image ahead of 2023 Election

The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Ogun State has charged the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) to remain upright and maintain its image as an incorruptible electoral umpire.

PDP State Chairman in Ogun State Hon. Sikirulai Ogundele gave the charge on Tuesday while receiving the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) Election and Party Monitoring department at the party secretariat in Abeokuta.

Ogundele said it is generally opined that the electoral body works to the dictate of the government in power, urging INEC to remain upright and allow the will of Nigerian voters to count.

The PDP executives in a group photograph with the INEC officials

He commended INEC for the visit and monitoring of political parties in the state.

"The political parties cannot exist without the electoral umpire. INEC Ogun State has remained an incorruptible umpire. As a political party, we want INEC that is a reliable organization. 

"Let me use this opportunity to send a message to all INEC Commissioners in the 36 States of the federation to urge them to allow the will of Nigerian voters to count. It is generally opined that he who pays a piper, dictates the tune, I know you work for the party in power, but work on your image. I want to use this opportunity to charge you to be upright for the sake of Nigerians. The joy of election is for people to vote people in and out."

Speaking earlier, the leader of the INEC delegation to the PDP, the Deputy Director and Head of Department, Election and Party Monitoring, Mr. Abidakun Gabriel said the purpose of the visit was to assess the structures, procedures, documents, and list of officers of 17 registered political parties in the state.

"Our assignment is very important. It is to help us to be on the same page. Political parties are principal stakeholders, and one does not take your position for granted.

"Our visit here today is to further verify on the information you gave us on the facilities and logistics if they are still intact.

"The basic reason is to know where the party office is located. We have had instances where the party gave us an office address but on getting there, we meet different structures entirely.

" We also need to know, the list of officers ratified by the congress of the party. It is for us to confirm if the officers of the party are still the same or there have been changes. This will allow us to be on the same page."

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