International Women's Day Contributes to the progress of women in Nigeria- EDUGUF-N Coordinator

Coordinator of Education, Gender, Youth and Family Network says this year's International women Day Celebration has contributed to the self realisation,  progress, and development of women in Nigeria.

Professor Helen Bodunde in a Statement made available in Abeokuta noted that the day as celebrated in Ogun state by  men or women was signifying that Nigerians are getting enlightened om issues relating to the female gender.

The coordinator of the Non governmental body, EDUGUF-N stressed that women have for long proved to be  a tool for progress, and development of the society having operated as mother, wife and daughter in the family settings while women have also proved to be  successful as workers business partners, and political office holders.

Professor Bodunde hinted biases for women in governance, schools and the workplaces are expected to reduce due to the enlightenment and publicity given to the issue of biases against womenfolk.

The professor of English as second language noted that EDUGUF-N was determined on improving issues affecting women and commended the 2022 year's International Women's Day calling for an improved celebration in 2023.

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