Who is afraid of Dr Tunde Tella?

One begins to wonder why so much attention is given to this man after his declaration to run for the seat of Ogun House of Assembly in Abeokuta North local government.

My conjecture is that many people are very jealous of the man for his enduring relevance in the local government politics.

 There is no doubt that this man is an enigma. You cannot but wonder what makes him tick. Instead of acknowledging that this man is a rare breed, his detractors have adopted a pull-him-down stance. However, the more they try to pull this man down, the more he soars.

Tella is a man of integrity, who does not write off a friend totally. He is not only loyal and appreciative of his friends, he is ever willing to forget their betrayals and take them back whenever they repent. 

On top of all these, he is generous to a fault and he is a philanthropist per excellence. For all these and other attributes, Babatunde Tella is much loved by very many people in the local government and accepted as a worthy leader. 

This is the headache of his detractors. Instead of accepting Dr Tunde Tella , they go about trying to malign him.

Some so called group sponsored by politicians  who are looking for an avenue to nail or stigmatise him.

The earlier the detractors of the ex local government chairman accepted that this is a very unique human being whom God endowed with many attributes that make him stand out among all, the better for them and the more peace they will enjoy.

Dr Babatunde Tella destiny is in God’s hands and there is absolutely nothing an individual can do to truncate it. 

Since they cannot beat him ( Tella), they better join him and appreciate the work of God in his life.

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