Bukayo Saka reveals the Nigerian songs he currently listens to

Bukayo Saka was the face of the GQ Magazine for the month and he revealed some things about himself

Arsenal star, Saka in an interview with GQ Magazine revealed that music is one of his biggest morale boosters.

The England star in the interview mentioned his Portable speaker as one of the ten things he can’t do without and revealed the Nigerian musicians and songs he’s currently listening to.

Top of his playlist is CKay’s flying single ‘Emiliana’.

Burna Boy and Wizkid’s B’Dor (Ballon D’Or) is second on the list, while Lojay’s Monalisa is third.

“My last three songs are… they are all Afrobeats really. One is called Emiliana, the other is called Ballon D’Or. The last is called Monalisa. And also I’ll give a shout out to Peru remix by Fireboy and Ed Sheeran.

”I use music for everything. I use it in the shower, I use it on the way to games, I use is before games. I can use music anywhere, especially Afrobeats. It makes you feel good, makes you happy, smile, dance.”

Saka also revealed his love for Twix chocolates and the Bible which he reads everyday as his religion is important to him.



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