Desperados in Politics: A case of Abeokuta North

It came out to us  as a shame and ignominy the way some desperado aspirants are maligning the personality of a leading aspirant in the Local Government.

Politics is about who gets what and what you can do to make impact in the lives of the people and  not about unholy propaganda. A lot of lies has been said about this leading aspirant because of his track record which is a kind of threat to other aspirants.

In the first instance,he is the only aspirant that has something to showcase whenever campaign is about to start and his achievements as the interim Chairman was highly commended by His Excellency during his campaign tour of Abeokuta North Local Government which cannot be disproof by anyone.

On the issue of candidates from Oke-Ogun community,we all know that they were disqualified by a committee set up by the Party in the Local Government because they did not meet the standard required. It is also noteworthy that Dr Tella was not part of the committee set up so how come it was him that hindered their success.

On the issue of Dr Bello,his home coming back to his ward in ward 9 is tomorrow,so what else do one say on this.

Finally,it is advisable that all desperate politicians thinking that it is Tella that is disturbing their aspirations should reach out to the people ,as the voice of the people is the voice of God.(vox Populi vox Dei). All this childish antics are that of unserious politicians who are not sure of themselves, instead of facing the issue they are busy talking out of points. Our advise to them is to be focused and not to take politics as a do- or - die.

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