How much-maligned Iwobi is turning the corner at Everton

The Super Eagles midfielder has been a positive in a team struggling to muster any

Since Frank Lampard’s arrival at Goodison Park, Alex Iwobi has had a sort of turnaround in opportunities, presence and form.

His confidence is high at the moment and his football is testament to it. To rate Iwobi above average even at his best would be excessive but he’s shown he can attain a respectable level when he’s in his element.

“The best part of a poor bunch,” a fan described him as after Everton’s home draw to Leicester. It was an apt description of his status in a team struggling to find a semblance of consistency or quality.

Against the Foxes, Iwobi’s endless running and desire were a livewire for the Toffees. He stuck it in at all times and fought resolutely till the end. From where the former Arsenal midfielder is coming from, this is worth celebrating.

As a young midfielder at the Emirates, Iwobi showed excellent glimpses, enough to impress national handlers. He has risen and fallen with the national team and as his club form slumped, his chances with Nigeria struggled also.

Super Eagles fans screamed for a creative midfielder, even with Iwobi showing to be the team’s brightest option, but his club form was so spineless that anything in his defense was deemed half-baked.

Whatever Lampard told Iwobi that has translated to a string of consistent performances, he needs to hear more of it.

With his form at Everton, he’s back in strong contention for his place in the national team. Under the expected new coaching dispensation, the doors are open again to all, and it’s a new page to start on.

He’s doing himself a world of good by turning the heat up at the right time. In spite of Everton’s struggles and all the kicks going Lampard’s way, Iwobi is standing out as the light.

That light must also shine on his national team career as he vies to take his place back.

While his football isn’t perfect, and old weaknesses are still somewhat evident, the unforced desire to put all in will continue to stand Iwobi out. He deserves some flowers.



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