I’ll Beat Adebutu Like A Baby At PDP Primaries- Segun Showunmi

An Ogun State governorship aspirant on the platform of Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Otunba Segun Sowunmi has expressed confidence in winning the PDP governorship primaries, saying he would beat his co-aspirant, Hon Oladipopu Adebutu like a baby.

Showunmi disclosed this on Tuesday evening at his Abeokuta residence, Ogun State, during Iftar (breaking of Ramadan fast) with journalists in the state.

He  insisted that he had remained in PDP since 1999, saying those who have defected and returned could not “claim to be more PDP than I do.”

He added that his intention is to run the state like a country if he’s elected governor next year.

The governorship aspirant promised to run a government with “complete paradigm shift from the status quo,” by making Ogun “absolutely self sufficient.”

Sowunmi branded himself as an ‘agonising believer’ in ‘Ogun can do better.’

He  accused the state government of paying lip services to security, health, education and development issues in the state.

The PDP aspirant noted that lack of effective social welfare programmes and policies have turned children of the poor to beggars in the state.

Sowunmi said “I intend to run Ogun State  as if it is a country.

“I have told those that are closed to me. I am looking for a Deputy Governor who in his own right he is a governorship material. I’m not looking for a spare tyre. This is because when you would be busy running to Abuja, I want to be busy writing policies. 

“I am looking to create an Ogun that will be absolutely self sufficient.

“One of the first things that we are going to do if I win and may God let me win, is to create an Ogun Institute of Policy and Strategic Studies, where bright minds of Ogun will seat down every blessed day, crafting solutions to problems of now and even problems of the future.”

Sowunmi also promised what he called “indigenisation of Ogun Government contracts” by allowing indigenes to be part of projects to be executed by any contractor.

He said 90 percent of his government’s budget on information would go into on reorientation, reimaging and re-branding of the state. 

Sowunmi also vowed to ensure those who have stolen the state’s resources are jailed, even as he said he should be jailed if found to have stolen from the state.  

He said “I’m chasing immortality by the policies and programmes that we will run here. And if one day you find me a thief, jail me, because I will jail those who have stolen before me. 

“Let nobody be deceived, I’m not asking to lead Ogun so that we can pamper ourselves. No.

“Government business is a sacred trust which you hold on behalf of all the collectives.

“This is Ogun. The vast majority of people living here are bona-fide citizens of this place whose parents are the owners of this land. You can not be in charge of our land, asset, taxes and  goodwill, and all you will do is to steal and they will not probe you? You must be joking.”

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