Ogun 2023 : Wale Bello Finally Declares For Assembly Seat, Says He Is Ready To Give It What It Takes To Win

A former chairmanship aspirant, Abeokuta North Local Government under the platform of All Progressives Congress, APC, Hon. Wale Bello has finally declared his intention to run for the seat of Ogun state house of Assembly ahead of the 2023 general elections.

Bello made the declaration yesterday at ward 9, Abeokuta North Local Government where many of his supporters, party leaders, councilor of the ward and the ward leader were present.

The proprietor of Comprehensive Academy informed that  he has consulted the necessary leaders and they told him to go ahead, adding that that is the reason for his declaration.

Bello while speaking with newsmen noted that he is the only experienced aspirant in the local government, saying that others do not know what they do at the state house.

The former Councillor said he was once a lawmaker at the local government in which during his tenure, he facilitated so many projects, adding that he is more than qualified for the post.

Recall that Bello on his birthday told journalists that he has not yet decided to run for the seat of Ogun State House of Assembly that he will consult his leaders first before declaring.

Hon Bello declared publicly in the presence of  his supporters and party leaders at ward 9, saying that he was done with consultation and he has been given go ahead to contest.

He said ''The people came to me and wanted me to contest for Ogun State House of Assembly. People are saying nobody should individually claim the glory .

''They said it is collective effort.  All of them came to me , all the executive members came to me in the office , they said they wanted me to come back to the ward and feel at home as a result, four days ago, I decided to yield to their request , immediately I send message to my supreme leader in the local government as far as politics is concerned, I said have decided and have made up my mind that I was going to listen to the  yearnings of the people and have decided to listen to it.

''Today, they raised up my hands that they wanted me to contest and I have declared and  decided that I Hon. Wale Bello PhD will contest for Ogun State House of Assembly seat.

"I  have handed over everything to the ward, they want to take me to wherever they want to take me, they want to take me everywhere it is there duty, my own is just to tell me when it's time to go out.

"I have been looking at the aspirants that have declared their intention, I can say am not inferior to anyone of them, I can represent Abeokuta North Local Government very well. I  have been part of the local government, I was born here, schooled here, work here, married here, everything that has to do with my life takes place in this local government, my school, comprehensive Academy, comprehensive children school, compro hostel all are in this local government. I will do beyond people's expectations.

''Nobody is a threat  to me, you tell me why you are better than me, age wise, Academic wise, experience wise, I have been a lawmakers at the local government and what am I vying for? To be a lawmaker at the State level . So far so good , I'm the only experienced lawmaker among other contestant'' He concluded.

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