Shine your Eyes, Abeokuta North!!

The political activities are building up once again as many are jostling for various positions available in the local government, however,we have these advice for our people in Abeokuta North Local Government.

In the first instance, whoever you are voting to represent the local government must be an indigene of the local government,whose families and houses are traceable, otherwise you might be throwing away your rights and that of your children to outsiders.

Secondly, you must be sure of the source of income of such a person, otherwise you might be voting in a Yahoo person without knowing. You might be voting people whose source of wealth are questionable.

Furthermore,you must ensure that the person you are voting for has the right resume to assume such offices.
Our responsibility is to shine our eyes or give our food to usurper. A word is enough for the wise and prudent.

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