The craziest penalty between Robert Pires and Thierry Henry

The Arsenal team from the mid-2000s was a real pleasure to watch. There were some incredible players that on every match day delighted the audiences with their talent. Also, the guidance of Arsene Wenger was crucial in helping the squad to secure multiple English Premier League titles. Currently, online betting Kenya is available on 1xBet, and it offers its members the chance to wager on the best matches of the EPL.

There were many great names that were part of this squad, some of them include:

  • Dennis Bergkamp;
  • Fredrik Ljungberg;
  • Thierry Henry;
  • and Robert Pires.

This team was nearly invincible. However, there was an occurrence made by this very team that shocked and made all football fans laugh a lot. The 1xet Kenya website is available on multiple platforms, where it is possible to make online betting on all the matches played by Arsenal.

The worst penalty in history

In football, there are situations that are bizarre, others that are funny, and others that are outright stupid. It is even more stupid when thinking that something like this could be done by this excellent Arsenal squad. Fans can watch bet live stream on 1xBet, which has all the matches from the Gunners.

However, this doesn’t mean that the situation that will be described soon was any less funny. Specifically, on the 22nd of October 2005. Arsenal and Manchester City were having a tough match. The referee had signalled a penalty for the Gunners. Robert Pires was going to take it.

Yet, instead of hitting the ball, he wanted to pass the ball to Thierry Henry. Pires barely touched the ball in his foot, but it almost didn’t move. Henry approached the ball and seemed to not understand what was happening. However, since the ball was already at play, a Manchester City defender came and cleared it. These situations can be enjoyed on the live streams available on 1xBet, which can be also watched for making good bets on the platform.

Controversy appears

The reactions for this failed penalty were diverse. The bookmaker website 1xBet app iOS also offers diverse wagering opportunities on the great English Premier League.

Arsène Wenger’s reaction was priceless. He simply sat on his seat and looked straight down to the floor, probably demanding an explanation. However, many Arsenal players approached the referee to complain. According to them, Pires didn’t touch the ball, so the penalty should have been retaken. However, the match continued.

The 1xBet bookmaker app for iOS can be grabbed from the website and from the AppStore, and it offers wagers on Arsenal and Manchester City. Eventually, this match ended 1-0 in Arsenal’s favour. Ironically, the only goal came from Robert Pires from the penalty spot.

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