The playing career of Ronald Koeman

In the 1980s and 1990s, from the Netherlands came an incredible defender. His name is Ronald Koeman, and he was a very talented player who, besides defending fiercely, had a great goal-scoring ability. Currently, on the popular sport betting companies in Ghana – 1xBet it is possible to wager on lots of different highly talented Dutch players.

Probably Koeman is remembered more recently by popular sport betting companies in Ghana – 1xBet only by his failed tenure as Barcelona’s head coach. However, this shouldn’t make people forget how remarkable his playing career really was. Fans can visit 1xBet Ghana, which is a popular sport betting company in the country, to place wagers on everything related to Barcelona.

A complete player

Koeman played professionally between 1980 and 1997. He started his career in FC Groningen. This team is also available on the website, where fans can place wagers on all their matches. From the beginning, Koeman showed that he was no ordinary defender. In fact, he had some great attributes that quickly made him one of the most complete defenders in the world at that moment, such as:

  • strong defending;
  • high tactical and positional sense;
  • accuracy in penalty kicks and free-kicks;
  • and also, very powerful and accurate long-distance shots.

In fact, by looking at Koeman’s statistics, it is possible to see some really impressive numbers. He played 685 official domestic matches across his career, scoring 239 goals in total. Even some forwards are unable to reach numbers of that magnitude. The 1xBet website also provides chances to wager on the best defenders in the world.

From legend to villain at Barcelona

Ronald Koeman joined Barcelona in 1989. In fact, he was one of the players who made the dream team of that generation. Barcelona is another squad where tons of wagers can be made at the website.

The Dutchman was key in helping the team to win lots of La Liga competitions. Also, he scored the only goal in the first UEFA Champions League title for the squad. For this reason, the player was (and still is) considered as a legend on the Catalan squad. He departed Barcelona in 1995 to join Feyenoord. All the teams from the Eredivisie can be wagered on the 1xBet website.

Koeman returned to Barcelona in 2020, however, this time he did it as coach. However, things would be very different. In fact, while he joined the 2020-21 Copa del Rey, the performances in the other competitions were far from what was expected. Eventually, Koeman was fired in October 2021. For some Barcelona fans, he is still a legend, while for others, the relationship has been permanently damaged.

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