The tree with fruits always the most bashed

The proverb above is synonymous to the situation in Abeokuta North Local Government, looking at it's present political terrain. As keen observer of the happenings in the local government,I realized that a tree that bears no fruit is always at rest from young and old because it has nothing to offer that can be of benefits to the people,but if it has fruits, you will see the young and old trying to have a bite of the fruits it offers at all cost. This is the situation with Dr Prince Tunde Tella,a House of Assembly aspirant for Abeokuta North State Constituency.

As an observer,I realized that he is the one others are trying to bring down or talk about. If he is not that important,why all these propaganda and lies against him? Looking at his political antecedent,it is intimidating. Looking at his educational background,it is more than intimidating. So why won't others talk about him negatively in order to raise their status? In politics, propaganda are only set against a leading Aspirant and not an insignificant aspirant that has not contributed to this process.

In the case of Dr Tella,he has contributed his quota to the Party and still contributing,he is a household name in Abeokuta North politics, hardly will you mention his name anywhere in the local government without being known by the people , he has also performed creditably well as a Transition Chairman and Oke-Ogun community where he hails from is most deprived in the Local Government.

The popularity is enjoying today boils down to the fact that he has started from the scratch and gradually moving up- a feat the young politicians of nowadays have refused to follow. They think they can have everything once they have money. politics is not all about money,it goes further than that.

My advice to all aspirants is to demonstrate their abilities and capabilities instead of maligning one another. They should based their argument on issues and not trivial matters. With these, the people will be able to judge them and as well take their decisions before the D-Day.

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