Use your PVCs to chase out bad government , Olumide Jones tells Nigerians

People Democratic Party (PDP) chieftain and  Ogun Central senatorial aspirant has urged the people to use thier PVC as weapon to vote out APC in government.

Hon olumide Jones disclosed this during a phone interview on Tuesday.

He noted that the APC has infilicated so much pains on the people both at the federal and state levels.

Hon Olumide Jones said that without doubt, people are already regretting giving APC government the chance to lead the country as they have draw the country backward.

He lamented the state of the country where insecurity,bad economy, low infrastructure and others menace has been the other of the day.

"In Nigeria today nothing is working both at the federal and state level.

"I am calling on every Nigerian to get ready to use PVC to vote out this current government that has no clue or agenda for it's citizens.

"The ball is now in the people's court to play it the way they wish.

"Whatever people decides to do with those PVC in the next elections will determine how they will be ruled in the next 4yrs,he said.

He therefore call on all youth,women, market women and others to get their PVC and ready to usher in PDP  government that will bring back the better old days of the country where we have stability of economy and Democracy.

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