Abeokuta North Progressives on guard...

I read with keen interest the article with the above title and I have come to the conclusion that some people do not want the people put at the helms of affairs in the local government to perform at all.

In the first instance who are the 'atohunrinwa' ? The article failed to show us the atohunriwa either among the leaders or the local excos of the party. This in itself has shown that somehow  the writer is mischievous and cannot educate his public. 

In the same vein, the writer  has shown that he does not know anything about the roles and responsibilities of the excos at ensuring the stability of the Party at times like this.

Finally,our advise to this writer is to do more research and learn more about how the party is being run and the responsibility of the Executives towards ensuring the stability of the Party at times like this instead of writing with bias mind and pre-concieved notion that anything that the party is doing is bad.

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