‘He’ll get ripped apart by Grealish’ – Ex-Scotland forward says Super Eagles star not ready

Former Scotland forward is not joining the bandwagon of praise-singers of the flying Super Eagles versatile defender, but says he could be ready in another year

Calvin Bassey has been making the headlines since his powerful Europa League final performance but a former Scotland forward believes he is not ready for the demands of he Premier League.

Frank McAvennie said although the 22-year old Rangers defender has been good, he will be exposed in the Premier League if he makes a move now.

Many former players have hailed Bassey’s football and are awestruck by his level, and have called on Premier League clubs to make the move for him but McAvennie believes it’s not time to make such big moves.

“Can he go in and play in the Premier League right now? No,” McAvennie told Football Insider.

“I don’t think he is good enough for the Premier League. If [Aston Villa manager Steven] Gerrard is buying him, it’s because he has done a job in Scotland.

“England is a whole different game. He’s muscle-bound but if he comes up against someone like Jack Grealish he will get ripped apart.

“I’m sorry to say that Bassey but that’s the truth. Another year up with Rangers and maybe he might be ready. At this moment in time, the brutal truth is he’s not good enough.”

Bassey joined Rangers two seasons ago under Steven Gerrard and has sealed his place in the Gers first team as a versatile centre back, left full-back and left wing-back.

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