Re-Open letter to Governor Dapo Abiodun

We the people of Oke-Ogun community of Abeokuta North Local Government are using this opportunity to brief you of our situation in Abeokuta North Local Government.

Sir,it is sad to inform you that the people of Oke-Ogun community hasn't been given any opportunity of an elective position since 1999. The elective positions has always been shared by other communities such as -Oke-Ona, Gbagura and Owu community.

Sir,to go down memory lane, Gbagura has spent 16years in the house of Assembly. They were represented by Hon. Abib Ajayi, Hon Shina Aroyeun and Hon Ojodu who spent two terms in the House of Assembly.

Hon Adiro represented Oke-Ona community, while Hon Mujota is currently representing the Owu community.

Sir, the excuse has always been that Oke-Ogun community has no formidable candidate that can be used being an agrarian community,but today we are glad to inform you that we now have a candidate that has been tested and who can face the test of time.

Your Excellency, our choice in Dr Prince Tunde Tella has to do with the fact that he has been tested and passed in all the positions he has handled in the local government. Thus, today, no one can say he is not qualified to hold the position. 

On terms of experience,he has it. In terms of education,he has it. In terms of grassroots status,he has it . This is one of the reasons why majority of our people in Oke-Ogun and Abeokuta North are clamouring for him as the most popular aspirant that can help win the local government back from APM.

SIR,it will be our joy of Prince Dr Tunde Tella is endorsed as our candidate. The projects he did as the transition chairman are still there for people to see inspite of the paucity of fund.

The local government like Abeokuta North needs an experience person due to her peculiarity who can help to give good and qualitative representation.

We thank you for your good work in Ogun State and we pray that your second term will be a work over.

The good people of Oke-Ogun community.

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