‘Don’t agree if he begs’ – Ferdinand urges Man Utd to keep Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo has pushed for a move for most of the summer but a Manchester United legend has advised the club to keep their star man

Rio Ferdinand has advised Manchester United to keep Ronaldo even if he begs for an exit.

Ronaldo has courted the ire of the Manchester United management after behaving in unsportsmanlike ways in the last few weeks.

The Portuguese forward resumed late for preseason before going ahead to leave during half time in a game against Atletico Madrid last weekend.

A Premier League champion, Ferdinand said the former Real Madrid star is probably the only goal scorer the team has and should be kept by all means.

What did Rio Ferdinand say?

The former Three Lions centre back said Manchester United should not listen to their fans.

“People are saying you’ve got to let Ronaldo go. Well, get someone in who can score 25 goals first,” he told Williamhill.

“Darwin Nunez has gone, Erling Haaland has gone and Robert Lewandowski has gone. They were the three players that you were thinking, ‘these are the only ones that you were going to go for that will outright come into the Manchester United team immediately.’ They’re gone.

“So Manchester United can’t let Ronaldo go, they can’t. Even if he’s begging to go, they just can’t let him go. It’s not the right thing to do, I don’t think.”

Who can score goals for Man Utd other than Ronaldo?

Ferdinand said it is risky to depend on Anthony Martial and Marcus Rashford for goals and it underlines the need for the Red Devils to ensure their best player doesn’t leave the club.

“You’re gambling on Anthony Martial, who’s never been consistent enough for Manchester United, who they would have let go for peanuts last season if they could have if there were any takers. He went to Sevilla and didn’t do it.

“Marcus Rashford hasn’t played properly for probably 18 months, maybe longer. Jadon Sancho last season didn’t hit the heights that United expected, Anthony Elanga’s a young kid.

“So, you’re looking at it and thinking, ‘who can we hang our hat on and say yes, he’s going to drag the others up?’ Bruno Fernandes maybe, but he’s not a striker.

“It’s very easy for everybody to say, ‘you’ve got to get rid of Ronaldo, it’s a circus around him, he’s bringing too much attention.’ He might be bringing a little bit more attention than the club wants, but the geezer guarantees goals every single season.”


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