2022 Peace Day: Group kicks against hate speech, Violence on social media

Aviary Association Worldwide,Gateway Aviary has kicked against hate speech or any form of violence on social media or in public domain.

The Association in a release statement by the Global President Aviary Tobi Parker through the Gateway Vice President Aviary Adedayo Olubiyi to mark 2022 Peace Day with the theme 'End Racism,Build Peace enjoined everybody to continue to speak out against hate speech both offline and online and promote anti-racism through education and respiratory justice. 

While speaking with Journalists at Press centre in Abeokuta,Olubiyi noted that Racism harbours discrimination, intolerance, distrust and sentiments which ultimately have adverse effect on peace.

"Tackling racism is a crucial role to play in contributing to peace in our immediate 

" We need to destabilize or remove structures that entrench racism 
amongst us. He said

He however call for unity and advise everyone to work towards a world free of racism and racial discrimination. 

"We all must come together to build a peaceful world,a world where compassion and empathy overcomes suspicion and hatred. 

"To achieve this we must resolve conflicts without violence, build trust among people, and ensuring that we are 
principled, forthright and sincere.

While speaking on the upcoming 2023 general elections in Nigeria Parker  implore all, including the youths to shun all forms of racial, tribal, ethnic and religious discrimination and intolerance in the course of electioneering campaigns and elections proper in order not to plunge the nation into any political crisis. 

"For peace to reign there must also be justice, mutual 
respect, respect for law and good will. We all desire a more peaceful and better world." He advised

Also speaking the President of Gateway Aviary,Abiodun A. Abiodun,said this year's theme is engaging and thought provoking. 

While listing ethnicity, tribalism, religion sentiment and discrimination as major issues that causes racism, adding the people from the Western world are  the ones at the receiving end of racism in other parts of the world.

His words "racism  is the belief that people of some races are inferior to others, and the behaviour which is the result of this belief.

" it is no doubt, racism comes with hate and it develops to chaos and war. Meanwhile, humanity comes with love, and it often brings about peace.

He however direct that youth should shun tribalism, religion sentiment, discrimination and self-hate, so as to build the peace needed to develop as a people and transcend the impact to humanity. 

" I do not know, if you are black, brown, yellow, white or red, because I see no race; only humanity,individuals, families, communities and organizations, to see the differences in our skins and characteristics as mere creativity of nature; to be colour blind, so as to encourage the peace humanity deserves." He summited

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