Declare August 20 as public holiday Traditionalists tells FG

Ogun State Traditionalist under the leadership of the Olu of Isese Worldwide Oba Ifarotimi Adifagbola has appealed to the Federal Government on the need to rescue Isese from being segregated from other religions, calling on the government to make August 20th a public holiday.

He disclosed that August, 20th was marked as World Isese day and should be recognised as a public holiday just like December 25th and Moulid Nabiy for Muslims. 

Adifagbola said that there were ways in which traditionalists could come in to rescue the country in its current situation, faulting the segregation of government on the traditionalists, he added that disregarding deties could be what negate the country's progress.  

He appealed to the government to ally with the traditionalists, to activate an undiluted peaceful atmosphere in Nigeria, just like that of Islamic practitioners and Christianity in the country. 

Speaking on Obaship rites, Adifagbola cautioned that whoever wants to go for Obaship should know that the position does not give room for discrimination of religion or ethics, thereby; it is pertinent for traditionalists to perform the rite for any Oba in Yoruba land. 

 He therefore called on all the traditionalists in the world to showcase their knowledge of spirituality anywhere they found themselves.

He added that there is  need to activate traditionalist voices in the government and inclusion in the capacity building in the country to enable smooth progress.

Dr Adifagbola was honoured with a Doctoral degree in one America University in recognition of his commitment to the knowledge he upholds to.

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