Dr. Babatunde Adeyemo, The Pelican Valley CEO At 44

Dr. Babatunde Adeyemo, the Chief Executive Officer of Pelican Valley Nigeria Limited, a foremost real estate firm behind the Pelican Valley Estate Laderin, Pelican Brief Estate, Pelican’s Ecostay Apartments, Pelican’s Greenish Acres Farm Estate and Pelican Stream -View Estate – all situating along Kobape – Masa corridor of Ogun State, is a man of many parts.

Born Babatunde Muritala Adeyemo, the unmistakable thing one would encounter about him is this quiet, disarming patience. A dependable realtor. You also can see simplicity, open mindedness, honesty, integrity and passion in the way he conducts his private and business life.

Honesty and integrity are two qualities quite hard to come by these days. He symbolises the two. He is a team leader. Though young, but a closer interaction will leave a discerning mind with this lasting impression that he has the wisdom and mind of rare great men and elders one can come across or read about in books.

 It is not surprising that Dr.Babatunde Adeyemo and his real estate firm have continued to win awards and accolades for bringing passion, integrity, honesty and due diligence to bear on the real estate sector of the Gateway State and Nigeria. This year alone, he has won no fewer than 40 separate awards from credible organisations, youth based groups, students,  industry observers and individuals.

His ability to undertake a palpably daunting task and accomplish it is both  baffling and fascinating. His large heart is commendable and worthy of emulation. He gives. And keeps giving.

As he clocks 44, what comes to mind is an encounter with Pa Jimoh Akitola Odutola (May God bless his soul) when he was 102. For those who may not know or remember, late Odutola was a renowned indigenous industrialist, manufacturer, entrepreneur, philanthropist, Educationist, first indigenous gold miner in Nigeria and merchant who was of the conviction that the purpose of business and entrepreneurship is taking care of people and impacting positively to one’s nation. He was successful and wealthy yet quite simple.


From the comfort of his serene home off Ofutola street in Ijebu – Ode, he pointed out the importance of the industrialists, entrepreneurs, businesses and their critical roles in nation building, jobs creation, income generation and sundry other roles in an economy. Has the situation changed today from the era late Odutola lived and plied his entrepreneurial acumen?

The centenarian advised at the time that such people should be identified, encouraged and supported by governments and individuals to effectively play their critical roles in the life of a nation.

We have known Dr. Babatunde Adeyemo as a practitioner in the media industry but today we see him more as a full time entrepreneur who is indirectly helping both the state and federal governments respectively to create jobs, bridge the yawning housing deficit, food security and serving as a worthy role model to the younger generation using the vehicle of real estate business. Like late Alhaji Odutola would advice, we can only urge government and individuals to encourage and support entrepreneurs and realtors like the Pelican Valley CEO. It will be a win – win situation for both sides and the nation.

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