Refuting Rumors of Igbo Invasion: MOPDATEC Chair Clarifies the Future of Abeokuta's Computer Village

Mr. Ifebola Togunwa, the chairman of the Mobile Phones Dealers and Technicians Association (MOPDATEC) in Ogun state, has addressed the rumors circulating about the transformation of Abeokuta's computer village into another Alaba market by Igbo traders.

Togunwa dismissed these rumors and disregarded claims of any plans by Igbo descendants to take control of the market, which has long served as a hub for phone sellers and buyers in the Abeokuta metropolis.

It should be noted that during the MOPDATEC election campaign, there were rumors suggesting that one of the candidates had promised preferential treatment for Igbo traders in the market. Additionally, there were speculations about the intention of Igbo traders to secure a larger portion of the market space for themselves.

Togunwa firmly declared these rumors as baseless and unfounded, emphasizing that the market is open to everyone, regardless of their cultural or ethnic background.

As the leader of MOPDATEC, Togunwa made it clear that the association will not tolerate any individuals attempting to disrupt the market and undermine law and order.

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