The Ogun State Accountant General/Permanent Secretary State Treasury, Mr. Tunde Aregbesola, has expressed concern about the lack of regular health check-ups among the employees in the Office of the Accountant General.

To this end, the Office of the Accountant General in order to promote the well-being of its employees and foster a culture of health consciousness, has held a health talk and health check aimed at instilling a sense of responsibility and mindfulness towards personal health among the employees.

The Permanent Secretary emphasised the need for the workers to be more proactive in managing their health, in a way that it would not affect the demanding work schedule.

He encouraged participants to invest in health monitoring devices to regularly check their blood pressure and other vital health indicators, adding that by doing so, employees could monitor their health status and promptly consult medical professionals if any health concerns arise.

 "The first step towards a healthier workforce is being conscious of our health status. We work hard and late, often neglecting our well-being. Regular health check-ups are essential to identify potential health issues early and take necessary actions promptly," Aregbesola said.

Delivering a health talk on Silent Killer, Depression, and Stress Management, a Consultant Family Physician, State Primary Health Care Board, who was the resource person, Dr. Yomibo Sofolahan, with a special focus on cancer prevention, noted that cancer is a non-communicable disease characterised by the abnormal multiplication of cells, pointing out that ignorance and nonchalant attitude have been identified as the main reasons why people neglect their health.

She said such health talks and checkups were important as they help to create awareness and make people more health conscious, adding that medical checks such as sugar level, blood pressure, and eye checks would help some discover their status on time and nip silent-killer diseases in the bud at the outset.

Speaking on behalf of other participants, Mrs. Akindele Titilope appreciated the office's initiative in prioritising their health and well-being, saying the information on cancer prevention was particularly valuable and crucial to knowing the symptoms and taking preventive measures to stay healthy while promising to check their health status regularly so as to deliver on their jobs maximally.

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