Tola Adebajo Foundation Grants Scholarships, School Kits to Ogun Pupils

As part of his effort to  support education, the Tola Adebajo Foundation (TAF), a non-profit organization, has extended its benevolence to twenty deserving pupils from selected public primary schools in Ijebu-Igbo, situated in the Ijebu North Local Government Area of Ogun State.

Several of these pupils have been recipients of the foundation's scholarships for the past three years, benefiting not only from financial assistance but also receiving essential back-to-school kits.

These twenty bright students were carefully chosen from five schools located within the Atikori area. The fortunate schools include St. James's Anglican Primary Schools 1 & 2, Christ Disciple's Primary School, Shasu-Suudil Islamic Primary School, and All Saints Primary School.
The visionary behind this noble initiative, Prince Omotola Adebajo, expressed his unwavering commitment to this tradition, which he initiated in 2015. His deep-seated passion for the welfare of underprivileged children has driven him to continue blessing these young minds and offering them the opportunity to pursue their education without financial constraints.

He said: "This initiative has come to stay and can only get better by expanding the scope of operations and distribution. I believe in giving back to the people and society. It is about passion and sense of duty, which always makes me fulfilled and to be at peace with myself."
"In August this year, with every sense of humility, we spent about N3millon to keep close to a thousand secondary school students, away from social vices during the vacation by organizing free summer coaching."

"What we are doing today again isn't the first time, we have data of every benefitting pupils in the last four years which the foundation updates and replaces any student once he or she graduates into secondary school."

“We have done a lot under our educational policies in this locality, particularly for the most vulnerable, indigent students and women." 
According to him, the foundation was more concerned about the lack of proper care parents give their children. He said most pupils come to school on empty stomach, hence disrupting concentration during academic activities. 

"This, however, must be a challenge to every wellmeaning individual, corporate agencies, and other critical stakeholders to rally round the students and lend their helping hands.”

“The government can not do it all, so we all have to see where we can fit in to help in rescuing the education sector in the country.” he said. 

Meanwhile, Prince Adebajo called on the federal government to reintroduce the home-grown school feeding programme initiated by the immediate past government led by President Muhammadu Buhari.

Chairman, Association of Primary School Head Teachers of Nigeria, Ijebu-Igbo Sub Zone, Mr. Gbenga Oyeleru, who is also the Head Teacher, Christ Disciple's Primary School, Atikori lauded the foundation for its continued support for indigent children in the community and contribution to the development of education in the state.
He said: “What Tola Adebajo Foundation is doing is commendable, and i hope more people can learn one or two things from it. The government must also be ready to encourage individuals into farming for profit-making, at least to help some parents cater to their children needs."

Coordinator of Tola Adebajo Foundation, Mr. Olufemi Oluyemi, Olamide Adebajo, Treasurer, and a few other members of the foundation were part of the people who supervised the distribution of the back to school kits at the various schools.


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