ACOMS Celebrates 10 Years of Educational Excellence , Talent Development

In a momentous celebration of a decade of educational milestones, ACOMS (Assured Confidence Modern School) marked its 10th anniversary with a grand event that not only reflected on the institution's growth but also highlighted a commitment to holistic student development.

The occasion which was held in Abeokuta on Saturday graced by esteemed guests, parents, and well-wishers, commenced with a motivational song by the students.

Mr. Favour L Idogun, the Chief Executive Officer of ACOMS, in his speech emphasized the need to shift from an academic-centric approach to education towards one that fosters the discovery of talents and the development of essential life skills.

According to him" I see a missing link in our educational systems that we are not really promoting lives instead we are promoting more of academics and the truth of the matter is , education is life itself . 
"Students are not taught  skills, they are not taught how to discover their talent ,   so we are still running industrial model education where we lay emphasis on academics . 

"In the industrial age , if you say you have talent nobody will believe in you because they feel you can't make money in it , but today, it's a different ball game.

"People who were even making the money now are those who have been able to discover their talent .Let's not wait for students to graduate from school before they live their life, let them start living their life while they are in the school ."
Meanwhile, the Managing Director, Mrs. Mariam Idogun, delivered a heartwarming welcome address, expressing gratitude for the journey so far.

 She acknowledged the pivotal role of dedicated staff members whose tireless efforts have been fundamental to the success and evolution of ACOMS.

Reflecting on the school's evolution, Mrs. Idogun highlighted the institution's commitment to create an environment where talents are discovered, skills are honed, and dreams are realized. 
The ACOMS Talent Hunt, a recurring event now in its second edition, stood as a testament to this commitment, showcasing the exceptional achievements of students in academics, sports, arts, and community service.

The Managing Director  praised the students as the heart and soul of the school, encouraging them to take pride in their accomplishments and continue striving for excellence.
She expressed gratitude to ACOMS parents and guardians for entrusting the institution with the education and nurturing of their children.

 She emphasized the strong partnership between the school and parents, a collaboration that ensures students' holistic development and prepares them to confidently face the complexities of the world.

The 10th-anniversary celebration was coupled with the ACOMS Talent Hunt, a platform where students showcased their diverse talents.
The Managing Director saluted the staff for their tireless efforts in planning and executing the successful program. 

As the celebration unfolded, it became evident that ACOMS is not just a school; it's a nurturing ground for confident champions, where education goes beyond academics, embracing talents, skills, and the essence of life itself.

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