Pelican Valley Bids Farewell to Dependable Director of Operations, Ifeoluwa Daniel CEO Pledges Support for His Entrepreneurial Journey"
It was a moving moment as Pelican Valley Nigeria Limited, a foremost Nigerian real estate firm, sent forth her dependable and loyal staff, Mr Ifeoluwa Daniel, who will be stepping down as the company's Director of Operations on 31st of January, 2024

If there was a staff member the Pelican Valley would have wished could stay interminably, that staff was Ife Daniel because of his immense contributions to the rejigging of the firm to the path of growth and success within a short time.

And despite joining the team barely two years ago at a time the real estate company was at its low ebb due to treachery, conflict of interest and betrayal of trust exhibited by a previous key staff, Ifeoluwa was able to use his ingenuity, tact, managerial ability and wisdom to frontally tackle the attendant challenges to the satisfaction of the firm's clients.

During the brief valedictory ceremony at the Pelican Valley Estate Laderin, Abeokuta after the weekly management meeting of the firm which also had Ifeoluwa in attendance, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Pelican Valley, Ambassador (Dr) Babatunde Adeyemo extolled the virtues of the outgoing Director as a loyal, diligent and committed staff.

Adeyemo reckoned that the value of service rendered by him was not something anybody could quantify in Naira and Kobo, saying the parting gift presented to ex - Director was just a symbolic appreciation for his contribution to the success story of Pelican Valley.

The CEO, therefore, heartily prayed for the success of Ifeoluwa as he left to chart a new path for his life, pledging to also give him any necessary support he needs to succeed.

"We are sending forth our highly dependable staff who have worked with us with vigour and energy. It is so unfortunate that they are leaving us with sweet - bitter feeling most especially our outgoing Director of Operations, Mr Ifeoluwa Daniel. Mr Ifeoluwa entering this organisation was highly symbolic because he really met us at our low ebb, at a very low point where we got betrayed by our past handler and to the glory of God, he has been so instrumental to the development of the organisation, righting so many wrongs, correcting things that were not done professionally. He was instrumental towards increasing and developing our organisation growth rate with over 200% within a short period of time. what amazes me much about him was that unlike the past handler, he was so diligent at work and there was no conflict of interest so far.

"Despite making his intention known to me that he would want to be a real estate entrepreneur, yet up till today, I have not seen any trace of conflict of interest or him trying to divert our clients to personal use. Ife, I want to assure you today that as you are leaving this organisation, whenever you set up your own business, I will be your number one marketer. I'm going to be your marketer because you have really done well.

" No one is perfect, you have really done well. I want to pray for you. You will never fail by the grace of God, just continue with what you are doing, you will never fail. As you are progressing, it is going to be a point of contact, the house is yours, you are free to come or call and seek support for anything and I will reciprocate because there is nothing anyone would do in this world that he will not reap the reward."

Meanwhile, a new Director of Operations, Tpl. Olumide Akintomide, a registered Town Planner and member of the body of Town Planners in Nigeria, has joined the Pelican Valley management team.

Tpl Akintomide who is coming from one of the foremost  real estate firms, takes over from Mr. Ifeoluwa Daniel.

The new Director of Operations has pledged to bring his wealth of experience to bear on Pelican Valley Brand, assuring that he would raise the bar of service delivery from where his predecessor stopped.

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