APC should be ashamed for monetizing Ekiti gov election - Olumide Jones

A Chieftain in the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) Hon. Olumide Jones referred to the recently concluded gubernatorial elections in Ekiti as a "show of shame" by the ruling Party APC.

In his home in Lagos State, he revealed this while answering press inquiries.

Jones claimed that the information he had heard and what he had observed on social media about how the ruling party was dispersing funds throughout the electorate had startled him.

He added that it's very bad now in our Elections that party agent now induce voters with Money as they call it "see and buy".

"This government has draw us backward and it's obvious in all aspects of our daily activities .

"Our elections are now do or die and not on merit again. Party agents now take money to the voting venue to induce the voters he said.

"We can only get it right if we vote rightly,but with what APC is doing in this country I don't think they meant well for the country.

He therefore urged voters to abstain from such behavior and elect the right candidate into power.

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