2019 poll: Amosun's ally, Allen berates him over allegation of rigging in favour of Abiodun

...accuses former governor of lying to Ogun people

A former close associate of the immediate past governor of Ogun State, Senator Ibikunle Amosun, Barrister Femi Allen, has taken a swipe at the former governor over his statement that the 2019 governorship election in the state was rigged in favour of the incumbent governor, Dapo Abiodun.

Allen, in an apparent response to a statement credited to the former governor while speaking at an award ceremony organised by the Abeokuta Club in Abeokuta,  also flayed Amosun for lying to the people that those behind the alleged  2019 elections fraud had apologized to him.

According to the legal practitioner, the emergence of Governor Abiodun was divine and triumphed over the scheme and political machination of the former governor, wondering why Amosun is still embittered three years after his ploy to install a successor failed.  

Allen, who disclosed that he was part of the inner caucus of the SIA political group from 2007 to 2011 when Senator Amosun became the governor, declared that the political camp was the highest culprit in manipulation of the highest order towards power grabbing at the state level then.

He further berated the former governor for mobilising his supporters to pelt President Muhammadu Buhari and his entourage during a campaign rally held at the MKO Abiola Int'l Stadium, Abeokuta, on February 2019, all in the bid to create a fake impression that he was in control of Ogun state politics.

While reiterating that the Governor Abiodun's administration in the state is "God's own project", Allen said that the former governor and his co-travellers would fail again in their scheme to stop the reelection bid Abiodun in 2023.

"My candid advice to the day dreamers hoping to team up against the re-election of PDA come March 2023, is to think twice because God’s own project is still very much at work in Ogun State. No weapon fashioned against PDA and APC in Ogun State shall prosper. No amount of merger or absorption of light weight political desperados shall overrun the God’s ordained project of PDA.  The earlier the better lesser god retires from the political space of Ogun State to avert political oblivion.

"I had the privilege of partaking in the political activities of the immediate past governor from 2007 up to the time he was eventually elected in 2011. If there is any camp that had involved itself in any manipulation of the highest order towards power grabbing at the state level then, Amosun’s camp was the highest culprit. What transpired in that camp throughout the election petition process up to the Court of Appeal still remains fresh in the memory of those who played active roles then of which l was part of the inner caucus.

"The truth about election of Prince Dapo Abiodun (PDA) was that it was God’s ordained project that no lesser self acclaimed god can stop. PDA went through the thick and thin of political opposition within the ruling party led by SIA that culminated into the shameful act of disgracing the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria whose entourage were decorated with pure water and stones all in the name of creating fake impression that they were in control. February, 2019 will never be forgotten so soon in the history of Ogun State. The election proper came, PDA floored APM even with all the resources and power of the ruling Governor who only God knows how many billions went into the project! 

"PDA was like the David of the olden days who defeated Goliath. Alas, everything ended up at the Election Petition Tribunal and the rest is history today. The usual tactics deployed at the tribunal to upturn the God’s Own  project of PDA was brought into fore and that included falsification of substantial numbers of results in various polling booths across the state, all aimed at upturning the election of PDA fell like pack of cards. I can categorically state here that the political game of any man-made god proving to be the power broker of Ogun State has since been laid to rest and may the Lord rest their political souls". Allen submitted.

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