By Dahiru Maishanu 

I woke up this morning  with a very sober reflection and a ‘want’ of what to write. That can be very awful for somebody who thinks he always  has his thoughts and his ears to the ground.  Especially, in this period of political summersaults. 
There are so many story lines that pundits have been following.  But away from the epicentre of political activities of the Nation, I thought I would be needing extra vernaculars to be able to feed my readers with the usual me. 

The whispers blowing across my ears were still not enough to  move my pen until the big bang that heralded a crescendo to what the pen has been wittingly or unwittingly paraphrasing  that an enigma of political heavyweight was already hitting the ground for good. Only my followers will understand my pedestrian way of writing. 

I  wrote a few weeks ago that the Audacity of Hope was not just a book for every hopeless hope. His Excellency President Obama has already forgiven me for Africanising his Hope, but not the ‘Audacity’ which he has no monopoly of using  as a relative English word and therefore deserves no apology from me. 

The Queen’s English is after all Ultra Universal that benefit not only the English,  the Scottish and  the Irish as collateral ‘Accidents’ including Africa,  America,  Australia,  India,  South America, and the rest, also have every right to be English complacent and therefore, so complicit. 

In the piece,  I opined that Governor  Aminu Waziri Tambuwal of Sokoto was metaphorically,  the person referred to by  Mr Obama when he wrote the Audacity of Hope,  long before he, Obama, became the  President of the most powerful Nation in the world and much later,  when Tambuwal became the Governor of his own State of Sokoto. 
The big bang referred to above was when, without any inclinations,  the Governor suddenly emerged as the Chairman of the all powerful tri-partisan Nigerian Governors Forum.  

The Audacity of hope is surely manifesting itself wherever this phenomenon from the Caliphate touches ground.  Again, only my ardent readers can understand my pedestrian way of writing but I know my friend of decades at The  Governors Forum, Abdul Razak Barkindo, that Special writer, will understand, being a comrade of the pen too.

If I thought that the big bang ended with Governor Tambuwal's emergence as the ‘Chair’  of NGF, the erstwhile Chairman of PDP governor’s Forum came out with a bigger bang and left me further dumbfounded. 

He suddenly metamorphosed to the Director General of his party’s, the PDP, Presidential Campaign Council which will be inaugurated in the next couple of hours. That’s  ultra-phenomenal! 
I quickly told myself to ‘scribble’ something before another positive surprise is sprung up by the enigma called Governor Aminu Waziri Tambuwal.  I rest my case. 

*Dr Maishanu is a former Commissioner of Information,  Sokoto State

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